New discovery reveals that a woman's brain is as efficient as the computer, and that is why we say women are from Venus.

Computers are the fastest and most efficient machines that were invented to process data. However, in order to achieve the desired output from the computer, data has to be decoded and interpreted to provide feedback to the output device.

The woman, on the other hand, relates little on her internal and external output to get the results she really needs and that process makes a woman's brain very superior when compared to today's computer. Here is why:

Analytic Skills

Typically, the human brain has the capacity to take information, analyze it, then make a decision based on what was received.

The woman has cognitive skills and the ability to analyze certain information, even before any data is changed. This process is similar to that of the optical scanning device of a computer.

The woman can look at a situation and make a split-second judgment and that makes her brain processing phenomenal! The extent to which her decision is correct or incorrect could always be debated, but 9 out of 10 times her statement holds ground.

In other words the woman does not have to entertain a man's conversation to conduct a proper analysis of him. This begs the question, given such brilliant intuition; why are there so many bad relationship choices? My opinion is that sometimes their soft hearts give way or they are probably too willing to forgive, although they do not easily forget.

Neverheless, when it comes to making some decisions, women generally make good choices. While it may be argued that men too have been known to make excellent choices, this is more through calculated risk rather than intuitive.

Often it makes sense but carries a weight that might have dire consequences. While women's decisions most times have little negative consequences. Women usually aim at improving collateral while reducing casualties.

Women And Ancient Wars

This less inclining to making bad decisions is because some men allow their spouses to call the shots when they encounter dilemmas in life. Research in ancient wars has shown that the Emperors and Kingsought advices from their wives, and most times the results achieved success.

Women often have 'gut feelings' and that is why they are favored in areas such as Human Resource, in the corporate society. Men on the other hand are 99% logic. While decent reasoning by the man makes sense, its usefulness is limited in situations involving problematic problems that see further than just intellectual and logical thinking.

It is often said that women think from their heart and not from their head. Here is why:

The heart is the source of the body's function just like the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is for the computer. The difference though, The CPU collects data, process this data and does logical functions such as forming basic arithmetic formulas etc. The results from the computer is limited to: 'yes' or 'no'; 'on' or 'off'; '1' or '0'.

In humans, data is received by any of the five sense organs which then passes it to the thalamus of the brain which interprets and carries the message via nerves. All this transition is possible because the heart regulate and transmits blood to the brain and aids in the rationalization process of the given data intercepted. The brain depends on a secondary source which is interpreted as, 'feeling or emotion' after allowing blood to flow back to the heart.

In medical science this gut feeling is the cognitive function of the brain which is called thinking.

Thinking With The Heart Instead

As human beings, our decisions are not always logical and there before we lean on the heart or gut feelings for a final analysis of any given situation. This is where a woman's intuition comes in most times and she makes quick decent choices in split seconds with limited data input, all due to cognitive brain function.

When you compare the computer and a woman's brain, you will see where the latter is very efficient, remarkable and often unmatched. Now you see why we say women are from Venus!