What is your motivation? Do you even know what it is? Do you want to be a Business Owner and Entrepreneur? Is it financial freedom? Is it freedom of not being trapped to a desk everyday? Maybe it's freedom of not having to answer to someone? Freedom of not having to worry? Are you trying to get back in shape? What about emotional freedom? Are you in a situation that is draining the life out of you? What is it for you? YOU are the only person that can answer that.

Hopefully, you have already figured it out by now, but there is no magic pill and no one is ever going to just give you anything. So, what's the secret? The secret to accomplishing anything in life is simply getting the right motivation to do it. Think about that for a moment! How likely are you to accomplish anything if you are unmotivated? Not very likely at all, am I right? I know that for myself, if there is little motivation, then I'm sure as hell not going to put forth much effort. Likewise, if I'm full of motivation, then everyone should get out of my way, because I will stop at nothing to accomplish what I've set out to do!

Here is an example …
A few years ago; I had a student who just was not excited or motivated when he came to the flight school every day for his lesson. This was the type of guy that every Instructor hates getting. Now keep in mind, this was a very large flight school that I was working at. Students were assigned to us. This guy was enrolled into a career track program. His Parent's had about $ 65,000 invested into his training! He was always walking around the school with an unhappy demeanor. Always depressed. He always had an excuse as to why he had not prepared for that day's lesson. I mean, this was the type of person that could walk into a room and immediately bring everyone in there down. It did not take long for other students to begin asking questions.

After a few lessons, I asked him if he would like to join me for lunch. I needed to figure this guy out soon! I sat down to lunch with him and soon discovered that he was not motivated at all. As it turns out, he did not even want to be a pilot at all! His father was a Captain for a major airline and had pushed him into becoming a Pilot! My student actually wanted to be a Veterinarian! He loved animals. When he talked about animals, he became a different person. Full of excitement and passion!

After our conversation that day, he got up the courage to speak to his parents. Today, he is now a very successful Veterinarian with his own practice and he's also a very good friend of mine. What's better; he graduated number one in his class in Veterinarian school! He sank everything into his studies because he was motivated to accomplish his dream! Years later, after he had achieved his goal, he decreed that he did in fact want to get his private pilots license. And guess who he called for training? That's right. And this time, his head was in the game completely and he achieved this goal in under a month!

I challenge you to find that inner strength and motivation. Stop at nothing until you have accomplished your goal! Nothing in life worth having is given away. It takes hard work. I would never be able to fully appreciate something that was just handed to me. There is something magical about working hard, giving it your all and accomplishing your goal. Never, ever do anything only half way! You only do something halfway and you will only get half the results!

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it …
-Henry Ford

Find something to commit to. Find that something and give it everything that yoWhatever it is that you want to accomplish, go out and do it! What's the worst thing that could happen? You fail? Big deal! You know what's worse than failing? Not ever trying in the first place! Do not be that person who comes to the end of their life and desires that they had gone after their goal. We only get one go around in this game of life, so do not waste it!

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
-Winston Churchill

Imagine being able to be truly free from whatever it is thaties you down. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you have succeeded where others have failed. Imagine being physically fit and having the energy to accomplish whatever task that you have set out to conquer.

Go ahead, get up and do it! Decide what your goal is, make your plan to accomplish it and go out and do it! Do not be a whiner or a quitter! Do something awesome! Be EPIC! Nobody is going to do it for you. YOU have to make that decision and then just go do it. Be that person that everyone wishes they could be. I do not care what your situation is. There is ALWAYS a way to accomplish something!

So, what are you waiting for?
Stop sitting there and go out and do it!

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Look, you are not getting any younger! So get up off your butt and get yourself motivated to go out there and accomplish whatever it is that you want to do!