Through dream translation you will clearly understand that all mental disorders and unbearable symptoms are generated by your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience, and remains in a primitive condition. Your anti-conscience is your evil self.

You can not read the thoughts of your wild conscience, while your anti-conscience can read your thoughts. It can also send absurd thoughts to your conscience. All mental disorders are caused by absurd thoughts that invade your human conscience with the intent to mislead your ego, and destroy your capacity to think logically.

The mental health issues you are dealing with will be completely eliminated in a short period of time if you will strictly follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. This is a guaranteed method of psychotherapy because the unconscious mind is God's mind and never makes mistakes. Many other people have verified this truth by following my dynamic method, derived from Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation.

You should have in mind that since you are constantly influenced by your anti-conscience, you tend to be disobedient. It's not a simple matter to be obedient.

Even though you have the right guidance in your dreams, you are not a good patient because you are used with your mistakes, and you hate behavioral changes.

If you want to make progress, you should understand that you make many mistakes and you must be corrected. You have to do what is positive for you, without insisting on your personal opinion.

God works like a private psychotherapist. He produces numerous dreams with important messages that help you understand all your mistakes, and the mistakes of the world. He patently repeats many times the same lessons, in many different ways.

You have to begin by understanding what is bad, false, and dangerous, so that you may learn what is really good and safe. Understanding what is negative is necessary. You have to eliminate all the negative aspects of your life, instead of being indeterminate to what is working against you.

Through dream translation you will begin a new life. You will understand how to separate the thoughts of your human conscience from the thoughts of your wild conscience. At the same time, you will eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

This means that you will understand when you are influenced by your anti-conscience and you will gradually transform it into human content. You will be able to tame your wild tendencies and always control your mind and your behavior.

Since you know that you have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within your conscience, you know how all mental disorders are formed. This is not a mystery anymore.

The unconscious mind gives you numerous lessons in dreams, showing you how to stop being misled by your anti-conscience. You have to avoid its traps and develop your human conscience. This is how you will become mentally healthy.

Understanding the meaning of dreams and how mental illnesses are formed are simple matters today, but understanding the traps prepared by your anti-conscience is hard, especially if your anti-conscience already managed to destroy a big portion of your conscience.
In the beginning the invasion of the anti-conscience happens with thoughts, but as it manages to destroy a big portion of your conscience, its attacks are stronger. The anti-conscience is able to cause unbearable symptoms like panic attacks, blackouts, oral and visual distortions, dizziness, and hallucinations.

You should follow dream therapy before being in such position. If you are dealing with mental health issues, do not disregard the first alarming signs.

Only if you will obey the divine guidance can control your behavior, even if your anti-conscience already managed to destroy a big portion of your consciousness. If you already are mindally ill, your obedience is more than predictable.

Today you can easily understand the meaning of dreams and the unconscious psychotherapy. You only have to follow the guidance you have. My work clarified everything for you.

After the initial difficulties you will get adapted to the unconscious criticism, since you will verify the value of being able to understand your mistakes. You will have the behavior of a good student and patient, and find sound mental health.