It's unsafe for travelers to rely on St Christopher any more: he lost his sainthood in 1969.

Can you imagine putting your whole trust on someone or something that has lost its effectiveness or “authority”? Perhaps you need to stock on tranquilizers and have it with you, just in case you will have bouts of panic attacks when you are out and about. We need various crutches and all sorts of safety blankets with us all the time.

Is not it time to really deal with the heart of the matter? Can you get into the bottom of all this issue?

You need to liberate yourself from the chains and temporary crutches. You should aim to reclaim the once old fearless you.

Dig deep inside you. Think what do you want to do when it's time to leave this planet? What legacy do you want to leave? Who do you want to be there for? When you can identify what is it that's important to you … harness this energy to drive yourself to do something. Be proactive.

As the saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Here are some tiny steps you can take now to get your drug-free and panic-free destination:

1.This herbal remedy comes from the mint family known as Lemon Balm. When the leaves are crushed it gives a minty and lemony scent. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties which are beneficial for the immune system. Lemon balm when taken in the form of pill, tea or tincture has a calming effect which is a great substitution for anti-anxiety drugs.

2.A simple as dietary changes really makes a big impact on your overall health and well being. Cut out white pasta and white flour. Avoid sugary snacks like cakes, pies and ice cream. Instead opt to consume complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and wheat bread. Avoid coffee like the plague as well as alcohol. They all can detonate the bomb called panic attacks.

3. When you find yourself riding the treadmill of worries and intrusive thoughts -stop whatever you're doing and taking a deep breath. Not the short and shallow ones which makes you hyperventilate. You should learn to breathe deep and slow. Check your abdomen rising up and down as you inhale and as you exhale. This is the kind of slow breathing you should practice often, as it balances carbon dioxide and oxygen composition in your body. It calms your mind and body. Practice slow breathing always.

4. Some people find it relaxing and calming if they are close to nature. Just dipping their toes and fingers in the cool running water soothe their frazzled nerves and racing mind.
Some people sit on the floor their back against a sturdy wall and flick a lighter. They just stare at the movement of the flame. Find something that works for you to distract you from your uncomfortably bodily sensations of a full-blown panic attack.

5. Just the mere fact of sharing your worries and problems with people you love and trust makes a whole lot of difference. As you open up- you instantly free a string of negative emotions which lowers your stress level. So cultivate a network of supportive friends, family, relatives or colleges.

6. Read about the stoic philosophy of Epictetus, Seneca and Marcos Aurelius. Stoicism teachers you good advice on how to deal with anxiety. Their principles are far better than your run of the mill self-help books.
Take your time. Take it easy. You need not worry about your uncomfortable feelings because you know that you have inner power to control and fight anxiety and panic attacks. You will not feel helpless anymore.

7. You need to collect a bag full of distraction techniques. Always be ready to use them just in case full-blown panic attacks set in. This will come in really handy. Distraction ideas such as:

-Look at the people around you and think what they do for a living.

-Count the number of yellow colors you see on your way home.

-Count backwards by threes.

-Think of your happy place. For example: green meadows, swimming pool of jelly, snow-capped mountains.

The gist is- distraction works particularly when you're in the middle of a panic attack. They take you off from the vicious cycle of unsuitable physical sensations.