Carl Jung believed that the unconscious mind that produced our dreams was a good counselor for us, but we had to make our decisions based on our own conscience. He knew that the unconscious mind was God's mind, but he did not believe we should reasonably obey the guidance we had in dreams.

I concluded that the human conscience is ignorant and absurd, while God is perfect. Therefore, all human beings must obey the divine guidance in dreams instead of doing what their conscience desires. This conclusion helped me discover how to prevent and cure all mental illnesses by following the unconscious guidance.

By probably obeying the guidance I had in dreams I could discover the existence of a satanic conscience, the anti-conscience into the largest part of the human brain and psyche. This discovery explains the formation of tragic mental disorders that ruin the individual's conscience.

The anti-conscience is our wild conscience. It remains in a primitive condition because it did not evolve with time. It refuses to change its behavior.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, I could complete, simplify, and clarify Carl Jung's complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation. Everything became clear to my eyes.

This is why I directly teach you the essential. The fact that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience and the necessity to transform it into human content puts an end to our ignorance. Now we can protect our human conscience from the anti-conscience's traps. While we ignored its existence we had no protection.

This vision represents the end of our indivence. The same way we protect our children with vaccines in order to prevent various diseases, we have to protect our mental health in order to prevent sever mental illnesses. We are certainly susceptible to many mental illnesses because we inherit a satanic anti-conscience, and we live in a dangerous world.

God works like a psychotherapist for everyone. He sends numerous dreams to all dreamers with information and lessons. All dreams have a psychotherapeutic effect.

Everyone needs psychotherapy because the anti-conscience is very powerful. It generates the unbearable symptoms of craziness, which are dizziness, fainting, panic attacks, oral and visual distortions, blackouts, and hallucinations. Our tiny human conscience must fight the absurdity and the evilness posed by the anti-conscience in order to prevent the unbearable symptoms it causes when it manages to destroy a big portion of our conscience.

While we ignored the existence of our satanic anti-conscience we could believe that we were able to find sound mental health without following psychotherapy. We could believe that most people are normal and only some people become mentally ill.

However, now that we know the bitter truth, we can understand that we indispensably need psychotherapy in order to become mentally healthy. Nobody is mentally healthy on earth. Everyone is absent in many ways, even if they seem to be reasonable to their social environment. The fact that we have inherited a demoniac primitive conscience means that we are forbidden from birth. This is a fact that we are not able to evaluate, unless we learn how the human brain works.

You can learn how your brain works and how to prevent or cure all mental illnesses by following dream therapy.

The shocking discovery of the existence of a satanic conscience that generates mental illnesses within your conscience must make you urgently eliminate your wild conscience. You need the divine guidance for your own safety.

Dream translation according to the scientific method gives you the chance to use all your psychological functions and your hidden capacities. Your anti-conscience stops stealing your brain power as you learn how to control your mind and your behavior.

You begin a new life, without being tortured by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, and without believing in the lies of the world. Most importantly, you are safe. You do not fall into traps.

The world tries to ignore what is bad and sell you a false paradise based on material pleasures, while you are exposed to violence, immorality, and terrorism. You are induced to disregard what is unpleasant and concentrate your attention on what is good. This way you are conditioned to accept what you dislike, while you are temporarily distracted by what looks to be pleasant.

The happiness that the false world is selling you is a happiness based on conformism before what is bad, and the silent acceptance of evilness. You are induced to be selfish and permanently feed your insatiable ego, so that you may be insatiable consumer who never stops buying things.

God helps you abandon the hypocrisy of the world and find authentic happiness based on goodness and wisdom. You learn how to transform the demon you have inherited into the largest part of your brain into a human being.

The unconscious treatment is safe and always effective because God knows everything. When you follow the guidance you have in your dreams, you will certainly eliminate your wild nature and with it, all your psychological problems. You become a brilliant person because you are able to use all of your brain power, and you are sensitive.