Wish I could tell you that your dreams usually show you how intelligent you are and how happy you will be in the future.

However, I have to tell you the bitter truth I could discover, even though it is more than unpleasant. Only the truth can help you become really intelligent and prepare a better future for you.

So, do not be naïve. Everything is hard.

I had to continue Carl Jung's research by deliberately obeying the unconscious guidance in my dreams in order to discover that the unconscious mind is in fact God's mind.

I also had to discover the existence of a primitive conscience in the human brain (which I named anti-conscience because it attempts to destroy our conscience) in order to clarify and simplify Carl Jung's complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation, and learn how to prevent and cure mental illnesses faster than him.

I had to verify that the anti-conscience sends hallucinations, blackouts, panic attacks, and many other unbearable symptoms to our conscience with the intent to damage our capacity to think logically because I had to understand how it attacks our conscience when it manages to destroy a big portion of the conscious field.

I had to learn how to fight the anti-conscience and win this battle in order to show you how you can do the same thanks to the information you have in your dreams. You depend on this knowledge in order to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and become a mentally healthy, wise, and sensitive human being.

Even if your anti-conscience will never manage to destroy your conscience and generate unbearable symptoms, it will surely cause numerous problems to your mental health, it will ruin numerous aspects of your life, it will generate accidents, it will be responsible for the formation of physical diseases, and it will block your spiritual evolution.

Now that you know that there is a demon in your brain you have to be serious and protect your human side. You can not simply disregard this fact.

You obviously want to be human. However, the truth is that you are a monster. The demon that lives in your brain is your primitive self. So, the demon is not someone else.

This demon is who you really are, but God does not let you see that you are a demon in order to transform you into a human being.

God grant you a human conscience to help you stop being a monster and desire to be a human being, hiding from you your satanic origin in order to help you believe that you can become a perfect human being, and even attain sanctity.

If you knew from the beginning of your life that you were a demon you would never try to learn the meaning of goodness. You had to believe that you are human in order to become a true human being.

God showed me the truth about our satanic origin and He taught me how to eliminate our satanic anti-conscience because now that humanity has scientific knowledge we can understand our psychological problems.

Now that we have already lived so many years believing that we are human and wanting to be human, we can discover the existence of a demon in our brain and fight our anti-conscience without doubting that we are able to attain sanctity.

God chose me and prepared me to discover everything I'm showing you because I was very strong and I needed this knowledge in order to prevent schizophrenia. Anyone could be in my place. I was very lucky because I had access to this knowledge without describing it.

However, I had to deal with more than many very difficult and unnecessary problems in order to continue Carl Jung's research and transmit this knowledge to the world. I still have to prove many things to the materialistic, violent, immoral, and greedy world without using the methods used by those who imposes their statements. So, I'm sure that nobody envies my privilege.

The fact that I was the first one to have access to superior knowledge and discover that we are demons with a tiny human conscience was a very painful privilege.

However, I understood that I had the moral obligation to do everything that God demanded from me because I really was very, very strong. I could not pretend that I was weak. God knew who I was better than me.

You are strong too, but you do not want to work.

I was lazier than you. The only things I liked to do in my life was to write, read, design, play the piano, and study. Nothing else. Everything else was very tiring for me.

If someone as lazy as I used to be could learn how to work hard doing what was incompetent but necessary, this means that anyone else can do the same.

This is not as tiring as it seems to be. Everything depends on your mindset.

You have the moral obligation to use your conscience in order to understand the difference between good and evil, and you must prefer to be a good person in order to become really human. This is how you will acquire sound mental health that lasts forever.

Your moral obligation is your protection and your salvation.

Your goodness is more important for your mental health than anything else. You must become a humble, patient, sincere, generous, and calm human being.

This is not a simple matter for you because you have inherited a violent, immoral, and cruel anti-conscience, which occupations the largest part of your brain.

Your tiny human conscience is only a spot, but you can develop your conscience and completely eliminate the demon if you will understand that you have to obey God's guidance in order to be cured.