If you have psychological problems you are looking for safe and guaranteed psychotherapy. However, you do not know which mental health treatment you can trust.

The bitter truth is that most treatments are very dangerous for your mental health, especially when you take medication. There is nothing worse for your mental health than interviews that destroy your immune system.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me proves to the world that all dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, which is in fact God's mind. Jung was not as impressed with this discovery as he should be. I understood its real importance when I managed to continue his research.

Jung did not trust the unconscious mind even after discovering that it was God's mind because he ignored how much craziness we have inherited into our anti-conscience. He believed that our human conscience was stronger than it really is. This is why he concluded that we should make our decisions based on our conscience, after analyzing the unconscious advice in our dreams.

My work proves to the world that we must obey the divine guidance in dreams, even when our consciences disagrees with God. Our conscience is under-developed and one-sided because it works based on only one psychological function and a half, and it tends to become neurotic with time.

Our idiotic conscience is also influenced or controlled by our anti-conscience numerous times. Our anti-conscience is a wild conscience; a demon that did not evolve with time because it refuses to stop being violent.

I concluded that we must be afraid of our idiotic conscience, and trust only the information we have in dreams. We are safe when we obey the divine guidance because the information we have in dream messages helps us correct our mistakes. Thanks to this conclusion I could continue Carl Jung's research and simplify his complicated method of dream interpretation after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience.

Dreams reflect the hidden truth. They protect your mental stability, and they prepare you for the future. Many people are impressed with the information they find in their dreams because when they learn the dream language based on the scientific method they can understand why they had traumatic experiences in life, and how to overcome their insecurity.

The meaning of dreams was distorted and devaluated for too many years by too many impostors, including psychologists, coupled popular dream interpreters who interpreted the meaning of dreams based on their intuition. You should have in mind the superiority of the scientific method of dream interpretation. The scientific interpretations are accurate translations of the meaning given by the unconscious mind to the dream images it uses to produce a dream.

Carl Jung worked hard for years in order to discover the hidden meaning of dreams, and I worked hard for years in order to complete his method and simplify everything for you.

My work is based on my obedience to the unconscious guidance, and this is why I could discover everything I'm teaching you. Alone I would never manage to understand anything. I would not even manage to survive, while facing so many dangers.

My work proves to the world that we are naïve because we believe that we can cure mental illnesses with the knowledge we have. Mental illnesses are invincible because our anti-conscience is too powerful. Only God knows how to eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience. In other words, only God knows how to fight Satan. The anti-conscience is very dangerous.

Through dream therapy you learn how to stop being a victim of your anti-conscience, and how to develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

You will immediately understand that dream therapy is a mental health treatment you can trust because the unconscious mind will show you:

* Things about yourself that only you know

* What happened in the past and why you had various traumatic experiences

* What is happening today in your life – including facts you ignore, but fit the information you already have about this matter

You are able to verify that your doctor already knows everything about you and your life. You also verify that the Divine unconscious mind is telling you the truth.

How is this possible? How can you have important information in all dream scenes?

The scientific translations give you scientific proof of God's existence into practice. You understand that the superior information you have in dreams is valid. This information helps you become more intelligent and avoid misfortunes, accidents, mental illnesses, and physical diseases. This information also cures a mental illness or physical illness already existent.

Through dream translation you stop being a rational animal. You become a sensitive human being. Your mental health is guaranteed by the process of transformation you follow. Thanks to the Divine guidance in your dreams you transform your violent and evil anti-consciousness into a peaceful and positive component of your human conscience. You start using all of your brain power, and having total consciousness.