There is a psychopath within every human being because we inherit a wild conscience, the satanic anti-conscience into the largest part of our brain.

We receive a tiny human conscience from God in order to combat the absurdity of the demon, but we must obey God's guidance and respect His rules in order to fight our terrible anti-conscience.

God works like a therapist sending you enlightening dreams that reflect your mental health and the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience to help you stop doing what it imposes to your conscience.

Even though the anti-conscience is idiotic, it is intelligent and powerful enough to generate invincible mental disorders within your conscience, not only through absurd thoughts that invade your conscience, but also through unbearable symptoms like dizziness, false, oral and visual distortions, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations.

The existence of the anti-conscience is a big tragedy. This tragedy explains why there is terror on earth.

Dream therapy helps you get rid of the unbearable symptoms generated by your anti-conscience and its absurd thoughts.

Some people have a strong conscience and a weak wild conscience, but the psychopath within their brain never stops influencing their behavior. Other people are completely controlled by their anti-conscience, even when they are children, because their human conscience is too weak. This is why barbarous crimes committed by children are not rare in our crazy world.

Children usually are victims of many barbarous crimes because they are weak. Crimes committed against children are frequent. Many adults take advantage of their position.

The psychopath exists within their brain acts in the place of their ego. This is why their behavior is cruel, indifferent, and absurd.

What can be more barbarous than committing crimes against unprotected children?

What can be more shocking than learning that little children killed their own parents?

The same psychopath that made these people have such behavior lives in your brain. Depending on the situations of your life and on the experiences you may have, this monster can invade your conscience and make you have the behavior of a monster.

This is a shocking truth that must make you afraid of what could happen to your fragile conscience. You have to seriously translate the meaning of your dreams and obey the divine guidance in all situations.

If you have mental health problems, this is a clear sign that your wild conscience invaded your conscience. You must urgently send it away through dream translation.

In the beginning the anti-conscience pretends to have a human behavior, but later it becomes very cruel and absurd.

Some people have mental health problems from the beginning of their lives not only because they have a strong wild conscience and a weak human conscience, but because they have many traumatic experiences, especially during their childhood.

We should not desire to find happiness in life because we are too far from sound mental health. How can absurd and evil creatures like us have such ambition?

We must eliminate the demon we have inherited into our anti-conscience in order to have the chance to find sound mental health and understand the meaning of authentic happiness. While we have a satanic anti-conscience sending us absurd thoughts, we can not find peace.