Hoarding occurs often over a period of time and with people come from a walks of life from the poor to the wealthy. Often became affixed with one particular item that they specifically hoard, that has an emotional attachment to them. This is the result of the loss of a loved one, so they can keep a large amount of that individual items in their home. Also, another aspect of hoarding is an individual keeping items that remind them of a time when they were more energetic about life or when they realized a life goal or accomplishment. Another reason that people hoard is over worry about a calamity and this strikes a chord with those who suffered in that situation.

When a person loses a loved one they feel as if they need to hold onto anything that they can relate to that particular loved one. It can often be clothing, shoes, furniture, pictures, books, etc. All of these items share an emotional attachment to a loved one. Loved one evoke a time gone past for people that they want back, but they no longer have that ability. So they surround themselves with items that the individual had and theby end up in a hoarding situation. The individual Themselves does not consider this unhealthy, but in actuality it is not. Keeping the items around does not mean the situation gets, better since it does not allow for closure on that individuals loss it only causes them to long for them more. This goes on to another situation that occurs which is the longing for a particular time period.

People sometimes hoard mementos of their past glories or favorite memories in order to compensate for a longing of the past. For example if a person was involved in athletics their whole lives and then suddenly they were not allowed to do it anymore, this individual might hoard clothing from a specific championship or pieces of memorabilia. Also, have you heard someone mention “I remember when …” that means they may possibly be hoarding items of junk like quality to us, but have a special intrinsic value to them. These could all pieces of electronics for a person that used to be a TV repairman or a handyman who still has a large collection of his tools. Though another thing people collect is when there life is stress filled.

Life often throws an individual a financial curve ball every so often, and this can cause a person to lose control of their senses and decide what is necessary and what is not. This can happen during a person's time of unusual financial strife, which tends to involve large amounts of paper work. People can tend to get lost in this massive struggle and they fail to discern between the important paper work and what the fluff is. As a consequence this in turn can result in paper hoarding, which tends to add up over a very short period of time.

All of the struggles listed above are caused by different aspects of turmoil in an individual's life. Individuals need to view their lives of always moving forward and not looking back. However, were here to help them when they decide to solve their problems, we are ready to help them cope with their messes and sort through their hoarding dilemmas.