Hoarders are generally very private people, who do not wish to have their issues known to the others. Often they feel a sense of shame about their situation that has come about them. However, in reality they should not, since it is not their fault. So we need to help those individuals come to terms with their situation. Many times these are family and friends that we fail to realize have this problem, but here are a few ways in which to help this situation. These individuals need hoarding help, and one way of helping them is to encourage them to read.

Offering these individuals material to read up on their situation can sometimes come to a realization of their situation that they need help. These pieces of literature can offer insight into their situation and how to best help them recover from it as well. You should encourage them to read about the safety risks that they imposing on themselves and loved ones. Also, how their situation might be vary, depending on the attributes of the hoarding that is occurring. Also, you must be careful on you to interpret the word about their issues, so that they will not be offended, and offer alternatives and practical ways of dealing with that.

You have to be practical about the alternative choices you offer them in order to deal with their situations. For example do not say they need counseling or to toss all their stuff into a dumpster head to the junkyard. Often people are sympathetic to the needs of others, and instead of imploring them to throw away the items you should advise them to potentially donate them to charity, and that is hoarding help . Also, offer to help them go through different areas to help them find misplaced items, because it will help them discern what is valuable and what is not. And, this allows for them to establish a comfortable position with you.

In a hoarding relationship trust is key in establishing a link between that individual and the person who is trying to help them. Do not try to pressure them into throwing out their beloveds, if you do this it can often make the situation worse and confrontational. You need to understand that there is a lot of complexities that surround a hoarding situation, that is associated with obsessive compulsive disorder. So you need to treat them as a person, not someone who is suffering.

These techniques should allow for the hoarder to understand the situation that they have placed themselves in. Also, it will let them come to an understanding that what they are doing is not healthy, but also not caused by their own lack of self control. They need understand that hoarding cleanup is necessary, for their own health. The reality is that we want to help those individuals get well and help them address their mess.