When I was a teen I used to get lost in the streets. I did not pay attention to where I was going while I was walking. I always was distracted with my own thoughts.

Whenever I had to go to a new place I had to pay special attention and read the name of the streets. Otherwise, I would not remember how to go back to the point I was before. I used to laugh at this tendency to get lost, but it was reflecting a dangerous mental condition.

Fortunately, I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation when I became a young adult. Otherwise, I would acquire a severe mental illness. I became neurotic when I was 15-years-old, after facing a tragic car accident and losing the friend who was next to me in the car.

I always was too distracted with my own thoughts, and far from my objective reality. I had to follow psychotherapy instead of laughing at my mistakes.

Thanks to dream therapy I fund sound mental health, and I learned how to help others. I verified numerous times that most people are unaware of how dangerous their mistakes really are. They laugh at their mistakes as if they were funny, without understanding that their behavior is reflecting danger. Many people react like I did when I was a teen. Even people who are old enough laugh at their mistakes. This is very common.

I also found many people who laugh at their psychological problems. For example, a lady was making fun of the fact that she is afraid of mirrors. She suffers from kathreptophobia, which is an intestinal fear of mirrors.

We can clearly understand the meaning of all phobias through dream translation. The dream language helps us understand the real reason why someone is tortured by a certain phobia.

The mirror in dreams reflects the dreamer's psychological content. The fact that this lady was afraid of mirrors means that she was afraid of her psychological content. In other words, she knows that there are many negative aspects in her psychological content.

Sometimes she had traumatic experiences, sometimes she has sudden reactions; there are numerous possibilities. I would have to analyze her life biography and her dreams in order to help her understand how to find sound mental health, and stop being afraid of her psychological reality.

Many people think that phobias are funny and there is no justification for their existence. However, phobias are in fact a protection.

A phobia helps you understand that you are making serious mistakes and you have to urgently stop making them. Otherwise, you will have worst mental health problems in the future.

You should be serious and pay attention to what exists behind mistakes and psychological problems, without laughing at danger. The Divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams will help you understand how to stop making mistakes and how to solve your psychological problems.

You have to be afraid of the mindset of the absurd modern civilization because it is based on erroneous concepts. We like to make fun of what is bad and immoral. We do not understand that we have to be serious and eliminate what is negative and dangerous from our minds and our world. Otherwise, we will never become mentally healthy.

We are far from sound mental health and the crazy world increases our absurdity. This is a horrible situation that seems to have no solution. This is why all heroes abandon their battle against what is unfair at a certain point, or they are eliminated by the violent majority.

There is only one miraculous solution for the human race, but we insist on ignoring it because we prefer our dangerous freedom. Everyone should respect their religion.

Thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries about the meaning of dreams, and thanks to my discoveries after following his own lessons, you have a better alternative to understanding the meaning of life, and your psychological reality. You should obey the divine guidance in dreams and learn how to be wise and sensitive. You will have many explanations about the meaning of your religion, and also about the meaning of death.

I completed Carl Jung's work with the religious knowledge that was missing in his obscure method of dream interpretation, after deliberately obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind in dream messages. Thus, I transmit God's words to the world. I became a professional dream translator and a mental health therapist because I was extremely obedient.

I understood that my opinion was unimportant and I had to obey the divine wisdom, even against my will. I was ignorant. I also was mentally ill in the beginning of my path. I had to be an obedient patient to be cured, and then, learn how to cure others through dream therapy.

Now, if you will take into consideration the fact that I was a lazy and indentful teen who always was distracted, you will clearly understand that I could find balance and become a doctor because I became very serious and I started paying attention to all details, even if this was not necessary.

I learned how to deal with absurdity by always being very careful and paying attention to every aspect that composes my reality. My attitude completely changed.

I understood that I could not be irresponsible. Everything was very dangerous.

This is what you have to understand if you want to be a mature person, and if you want to avoid having serious problems in life. You can not be indignant to the signs of absurdity in your behavior. You may have the tendency to do something in a strange way, the same way I had the tendency to walk distracted, without paying attention to the route I was following.

If you are laughing at this strange detail and thinking that it is part of your original personality, in the future you may verify that you are neurotic like me, when I was a teen. You should seriously translate the meaning of your dreams or submit your dreams for professional translation, so that you may prevent mental health problems, or solve the problems you already have.