It is very easy to fall into the trap of overthinking about minor things in life. So when you are thinking and thinking about something, ask simple questions to yourself. It has been found through a research that widening the perspective by using these simple questions can snap you quickly out of overthinking.

Try to set short time-limits for decisions. So learn to become better at making decisions and to spring into action by setting deadlines in your daily life. No matter if it is a small or a bigger decision.

Be a person of action. When you know how to get started with taking action consistently then you will procrastinate less by overthinking. Setting deadlines is one thing that will help you to be a person of action.

Try to realize one important thing that you can not control everything. Trying to think a thing through 50 times can be a way to try to control everything so you do not risk making a mistake, fail or looking like a fool. But those things are a part of living a life where you truly stretch your comfort zone.

Say stop in situation where you know you can not think straight. Sometimes when you are hungry or when you are lying in bed and are about to go to sleep, then negative thoughts start buzzing around in your mind.

Do not get lost in vague fears. Another trap that you have fallen into many times that has spurred on overthinking is that you have gotten lost in vagu fears about a situation in your life. And so your mind running wild has created disaster scenarios about what could happen if you do something. What is the worst that could happen? You should learn to ask this question to yourself.

Spend the most of your time in the present moment. Be in the present moment in your everyday life rather than in the past or a possible future. Slow down how you do whatever you are doing right now. Move slower, talk slower or ride your bicycle more slowly for example. By doing so you become more aware of how you use your body and what is happening all around you right now.

Try to spend most of your time with people who do not think more. Your social environment plays a big part. Find ways to spend the most of your time and attention with the people and sources that have positive effects on your thinking.