After engaging in very stimulating conversations (through a popular business-minded social media group in Qigong) I realized that some of the people have a more rigid mind-set than others. We might think that this would most often be coming from those with Western ideas of healing, rather than those of Eastern beliefs in such. Surprise! There is an underwriting prejudice and pride from those that seem to spend more time teaching than what is called for healing, emitting qi. Do not get your defenses up and panties all in a wad because I said, “some of the people, not all of them.” This is true in all facets of philosophy and cultural concessions of being part to one's own nationalism, community, family, or just circle of close people with similar thinking.

The tragedy of this dysfunctional mind processing is that it limits the beautiful resources that resonate from using Universal Energy for its main purpose. Thus, underlines rather than enhancements a person who uses the “gift” of healing self and others through Qigong. Poetically we may visualize this medicinal process as a mirror that when looked into will reveal where our imperfections or “blockages” lodge that prevent us from seeing the truth in ourselves. If we open ourselves up to wanting to know the truth it is the first step in removing those blockages to promote better health.

One particular Mental Health Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a great example of using kindness to really tick off your enemy! (Feel free to laugh at this, because I am!) One of the more Eastern, traditional methods of healing Cancer cells is to visualize and say in your mind as you are emitting qi to help someone heal themselves is to say, “Kill, kill, kill “to the opposing diseased cells. Well, we can think of this getting rid of what ails you process in a different, more New Age thinking way. By the way, this is really a controversial subject and one should use caution when repeating it to any of those that I mentioned as being “some of the people.” This is because they have been taught this, used this method for centuries and do get results that are fleeting. I say fleeting because we need to keep in mind (again this is New Age thinking, but also Christ's teaching) that that we think or concentrate most on becomes our reality. Thus, if we continue to have negative thinking patterns that promote ill-health, such as PTSD, we will stay in that tumultuous stream of repetitious thoughts that proliferate the traumatic event (s) rather than disarm them.

Getting back to how we would tick off the Mental Health Disorder of PTSD is through contemplating on loving, kind, and forgiving thoughts. This goes hand in hand with those practitioners who will never have a great ability to use emitting qi (treating themselves or others) if they are not kind, loving, and forgiving, also