I was at a recent networking event and a friend of mine there, Dave, was very interested in talking about Electrolyzed Reduced Water, aka Alkaline Water. He was quite the evangelist for the water and I admit, my early skepticism turned into healthy questions as my incredulousness dug me deeper into the subject. We talked for a good hour and a half about the water and he did not miss a beat when I asked the hard questions. It was a good presentation.

I'll be honest, he really got me thinking with his story. And when I get to thinking, I get to studying. I studied for dozens of hours about these machines and what exactly they can do for the body. I looked at the great news, and I looked at the negative, but the great news far outweighed the negative news. I studied as many clinical studies as I could find, many of which were not indigenous to the United States, because honestly, Alkaline Water just is not popular enough in the States yet, but to say that a clinical study is not valid just because it is from another advanced country is really demeaning to anything not USA, in my opinion. Afterall, the Nobel prize winner for cancer research Otto Warburg, who spoke directly about alkaline body environments and how an alkaline state was very much a cancer cell's ability to thrive, was German. And the Japanese are the champions of this technology and have been for over 40 years. Oh, and Russians were the first to invent the technology (the Japanese just improved on it – a bunch).

So to say I was intrigued after hours of study is purely an understatement … I was involved. But I wanted personal proof. So Dave was kind enough to provide me with a free demonstration of the water, and then supplied me with days of free water. The results were almost instantaneous. The first result was an immediate detoxification effect due to the high alkalinity of the water hitting my acidic system (for example, Soda is extremely acidic as many foods, Alkaline Water is not acidic). The first detox effect was a headache, then a couple days of bathroom problems. “What did I do to myself!” I thought. But then some strange things started happening when I consistently drank the water:

1. My normally pervasive Acid Reflux was gone.

2. My constant, though mild, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms went away, and I was going number two normally at the same time everyday without intestinal cramps.

3. My contentious nightly leg cramps just stopped occurring.

4. I seemed to be getting better sleep and awoke more rested and with more energy.

5. Although I peed a lot more (because I was drinking more of course), my pee no longer had that vivid yellow color nor ammonia smell. It was clear and odorless.

6. My weight dropped 7 lbs after 3 weeks on the water, and I had made no changes to my diet or routines in that regard.

7. I tested the theory that my hunger pains were third pains (a common problem in the Western diet), and low and behold, I would drink the Alkaline Water and no longer be hungry. I admit that probably helped the weight loss, but I never had such results with tap or bottled water.

8. It seemed that my vitamin supplements had more effect on me because the absorption was so much better. In fact, that may attest as to why my more frequent pee was not yellow anymore – my body, through the water, had already absorbed the supplements and there were no more supplements left to pee out.

9. I found myself craving the water. I felt like I was finally quenching my thirst, and the water had pleased slipperiness to it and a slight sweet taste. Hmm, I may go get some right now. Hold on, be right back …

Okay, I'm back. But now I lost my train of thought. Lets see. Oh yeah, my final observation and probably most controversial to family and friends, and my doctors. I performed some intense study about my medical condition and the effects of an alkaline diet on the brain tissue and blood and looked for causation in the studies to support my hypothesis that all my problems were ever, is a chemical imbalance brought on by metabolic issues from the things I ingest into my body (including normal tap water and colas), and that a high alkaline diet could help to balance my chemistry.

Being that our bodies are 70% water and our brains rough 80% water, it stand to reason that a high alkaline water would help to balance and bring to homeostasis the blood and brain tissue, and give the brain a chance to do what it does best, to take care of itself. Time will tell if I can prove my alkaline water hypothesis during my “medication vacation” but so far, so good. Here are some observations:

1. I went off my medication three weeks ago and then I am well past the half-life of those medications, in other words, they are now well out of my system.

2. I suffered no withdrawal symptoms like I had the last time I took a “medication vacation” from a single medication last year.

3. My forever touchstone, my wife Brianna, is my emotional barometer, and to date she has yet to sense any relapses and in fact has commented on how normal and genuinely pleasant I have been.

4. My daughter has commented on a marked difference (in a good way) about Daddy. Daddy plays more often and has better energy.

5. I find physical activities like walking the dogs pleasant finally. In the past I always looked at it as a chore and never seemed to have the energy to do it voluntarily. But now I do.

I admit it, I'm a convert. I do not expect anyone reading this to be a convert just because it works for me, but I invite you to explore what it might do for you if you just take a little leap. Remember, I do not go into anything without a full study of the situation. Years of graduate school and experience as an airline pilot have taught me to study for the hard facts. Am I a skeptical? No I'm not, but I am a healthy questioner if that helps anyone.

And thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your open mind to test the waters, so to speak, and take a view from my eyes of what I believe is the next greatest mega trend in human health and well-being.

To your Well Balance,