Do you have so many things on your mind that you can not focus? Are you trying to find a way to get focused so you can complete important tasks? The best way to clear the clutter is by using something called a mind map or brain map. A brain map allows you to jot down the things on your mind with some kind of order. You can begin with an idea and then freely associate any ideas that come up. It is the quickest and easiest way to pour all the ideas you have out of you mind.

By making a brain map you put your clutter on a map. Taking a central idea that can be as simple as today's date and dumping everything that comes to mind. It can be a quick process of a few minutes or take several hours to complete. The main purpose is to empty all those thoughts out of your head. The links will help you connect those free flowing thoughts with a main idea when you revisit the mind map. The resulting mind map is also something you can share with others so they can see all the things you have thought about in relation to the main idea.

For example if I wanted to write an article in birds I could place the word bird in the center of the mind map and then write out all the things I know about birds. They fly, they have feathers, they have beaks, they have three toes, etc.

This would then form a brain map that I could share or just give me thoughts to cross off as I wrote about each one.

In this way I can be sure I have addressed all the things I know about birds. If I have an idea for a story, I can jot down all the things that are in that story. If there is a hero, I can then make a mind map on the hero jotting down everything that comes to mind about the hero. That would give me something to refer to any time I wrote about my hero in my story. If I thought of something new about the hero I can add it to the hero mind map so I know how it all fits together.

Mind maps can be as simple or complex as you want. This makes it nice for brain dumps because the resulting mind map can match your thinking style and be an overview or as in-depth as you like. The next time you feel your head filled with ideas, and feel like you can not focus until you get clear out your head. Open your mind mapping program and start to dump. You will find that it soon becomes a natural thing to do whenever you are overwhelmed with ideas or bogged down in thoughts. There are several free mind mapping programs on the internet so getting one should be easy. Make a point of getting a mapping program today and unclutter your mind like a pro.