Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is in fact a method of dream translation and not interpretation. The scientific method respects the meaning given to the dream images by the dream producer.

All dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which is God's mind, as I could prove after continuing Carl Jung's research. The fact that God speaks in dreams is a big relief for humanity.

However, the reason why God works like a private psychotherapist for every one is the tragic magical formation of the first conscience in the universe without organization.

This is why we inherit an anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics. It generates mental disorders within our consciousness through absurd thoughts.

Our human conscience was created by God to help us fight the demon, but we have to develop our incomplete conscience thanks to our participation. We must learn many things and become more intelligent and sensitive.

This process is carried on through dream translation. All dreams help us follow a mental health treatment, which is based on the development of our conscience.

God sends us dreams that have a psychotherapeutic effect because He is trying to eliminate the absurdity of our cruel anti-conscience. This is a new view of our reality, which is based on scientific discoveries and on religious and philosophical lessons that complete the information given by science.

After discovering the satanic origin or our conscience we must become sad and we must be accused of our nature. This is a bitter comprehension.

Atheists constantly combat the idea that we are sinners and we must be accused of what we do, declaring that we should simply ignore all religious teachings because they put absurd limitations to our freedom.

However, we are too dangerous. When we do what we want, we create wars and we commit crimes.

We should not be free, but God must give us the freedom to do what Satan suggests because we have to consciously offer resistance to its absurdity in order to eliminate the demon. If we were forced to obey the divine guidance, we would not eliminate our wild conscience.

The anti-conscience can be eliminated only when we consciously prefer to do what God shows us, and not what the demon suggests. When our conscience agrees with the demon, our anti-conscience becomes stronger and our conscience becomes weaker.

In order to eliminate the demon we have to transform its absurdity into reasonable and sensitive human behavior.

Since only God knows what is really good or bad you have to agree with God. If you disagree with God, you automatically agree with Satan. You do not have the chance to have a neutral attitude. You can either be with God or with Satan.

When you agree with God and you obey His guidance this means that you realize that you can not trust your own judgment. You understand that you are influenced by your satanic anti-conscience all the time, and you recognize that God knows what you have to do in order to become a better person.

This is a difficult position. You are used to care about your ego's desires. You do not like the idea to obey God's commands. You prefer to be free.

However, your freedom works against you. When you disregard God's behavioral rules because you do not want to be obedient, you automatically have the cruel behavior imposed by your wild nature. What you consider your 'free will' is in fact the dangerous opportunity to disobey the guidance of your savior.

God wants to transform you into a sensitive genius. Your anti-conscience tries to transform you into a cruel murderer. If you want to find peace and happiness in life, you can not have the behavior of a demon. You must have the behavior of a saint.

The fact that there are so many different people in the world may confuse you. You probably believe that only some people are mentally ill, while most people are reasonable. This is a false impression. The bitter truth is that most people are mentally ill, but the global absurdity is justified based on commercial manipulation and numerous distortions of the truth.

You have to be afraid of the global absurdity, and respect God's wisdom.