The world despises the importance of goodness, imposing a selfish behavior to the population. When I was young I used to follow this mindset. I was surprised with the importance of goodness when the unconscious mind showed me this truth in my dreams. I believed that goodness was useless.

I was selfish, lazy, and indferent. I did not care about being a better person, but about having more advantages in life.

Fortunately I became a dream expert when I was a young adult, and I started precisely aware of the guidance of the unconscious mind. The lessons I had in dream messages showed me many things I ignored. I followed a process of transformation that helped me become more sensitive. I was also helped by my literary talent.

I needed all the help I could have because I was too insensitive. I understood the importance of goodness thanks to the explanations I had in dreams.

Goodness is indispensable for your mental stability because it helps you prevent costly mistakes. All mental illnesses are generated by your anti-conscience whenever you accept its absurd and evil suggestions. Your anti-conscience is a demon that refuses to stop being violent. If you want to escape its traps, you have to respect the moral principles of goodness.

This is a difficult matter for an adult. There are numerous temptations everywhere.

The moral principles of goodness are like an anchor that protects you from the dangerous sea. Your moral principals do not let you get lost. However, many dangerous temptations to travel in the unpredictable ocean can make you abandon the safety of the harbor before being ready to face the dangerous weather.

You always are protected from all dangers if you have a peaceful behavior and you respect other people's feelings. However, in order to have the behavior of a wise human being you have to follow psychotherapy. Taming your wild nature is not a simple matter.

Your wild nature is violent and immoral. You have to find peace. If you will abandon your moral principles you will face tragic situations. Many things can happen to you if you will disregard the importance of your integrity.

When I was a teen I lost my peace after facing a tragic car accident with five friends. I was revolted with our destiny and with the death of the friend who was next to me. If you had a traumatic experience in life you can understand what I'm talking about.

Nothing can be the same after a shocking experience in life. The world stops being a magical place. Everything becomes meaningless.

You always are revolted with what happened to you, and you can not stop thinking about this matter. You unavoidably have to care about other matters, always trying to let go of the past, but your heart is broken.

You need the unconscious support and numerous explanations that will help you calm down. Finding peace is indispensable for your mental health. Without peace you will never find balance, and without balance you can not find happiness.

Many people do not understand this basic truth. This is why they pursue material pleasures, without paying attention to their psychological reality and to their spiritual evolution.

Through dream translation I understand that when something tragic happens to you, this is because this tragedy is trying to prevent something that would be even worse, like a severe mental illness.

You will protect your mental health and prevent accidents thanks to your own dreams. You only have to learn how to translate their meaning based on the scientific method. I simplified Carl Jung's method for you, providing to the world that it is the only method that helps you understand the divine guidance. You can also submit your dreams for professional translation, and faster solve your problems with my help.

God's existence is a fact. You will verify that the messages contained in your dreams belong to a superior mind. Now you have explanations that help you understand your psychological reality, and the world.