You may believe you have a good memory if you remember many things about your life, but many of your memories were distorted by your deficient psychological system. You remember your past the way you have interpreted it at the time you were living it.

You may also add to your memories elements that were not present at the time because you can not clearly distinguish the difference between your memory and your imagination when you remember what happened in the past.

For example, you are used to do something in a certain way and you believe you did it that way when an unusual fact happened, but that day you did not do it that way. You assume you did because this is what you usually do. So, your memory is not a true representation of your reality.

In order to eliminate false impressions you have to understand why many traumatic experiences marked your life, and many other details you ignore. Until today you did not know how you could clearly understand what happened to you in the past and eliminate your false impressions, but today you have a solution that your ancestors could not have.

Today you can have clear information about the past thanks to the brilliant method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research. Before my simplifications and clarifications his method was so complicated, obscure, and time consuming that only a few souls managed to really understand it.

I completed Jung's work by proving to the world that God is the dream producer and that the largest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience, which is a demon.

All dreams reflect the fight between God and Satan; in other words, the fight between the unconscious mind and the anti-conscience. Our conscience is a battlefield.

God shows you in your dreams exactly what happened in the past, clarifying many obscure aspects. Your dreams help you understand your life. You also discover what you have to do in order to develop your conscience, and at the same time eliminate your anti-conscience.

Many false impressions were imposed by your anti-conscience when you were a child. They were also distorted by your imagination. You made many erroneous conclusions when you had various traumatic experiences because you were ignorant and you were suffering. However, you still look at your past the same way you did when you were living it.

The recapitulation of the past in your dreams is very important for many reasons, especially because thanks to this practice you learn how to be objective. You stop examining your reality based on your points of view and your feelings.

You can judge you reality with objectivity when you are not influenced by personal feelings or opinions when you are considering various facts. Your dreams help you become objective and analyze everything based on the truth. When you are objective you do not distort the truth and you have a good memory because you think with clarity.

Your own reality helps you remember it when you are attentive, and your dreams complete this mission.

For example, I will show you the beginning of a positive dream dream by a young woman, who is one of my best students:

'Hello! How are you? I hope you are doing well. So I have a question, I understand that if you dream of a fish it symbolizes divinity if it is calm, and if it is being caught it means that it is a good sign, it is like catching a treasure.

Well I had a strong dream last night, and I was in the waters of the ocean (craziness), and the skies were gray, but as I was leaving the water, I saw a fish being railed in, I saw a figure who was the fisherman but he was blurry, but it was a large fish, and it was a dark color of a fish too. '
This means that you were analyzing the content of the human psyche (the craziness, represented by the ocean).

The fisherman who got the fish was your animus (perfect match), and the fish he got was a treasure.

You are the treasure. He is a lucky man because he found his perfect match, and because you are a sensitive and sincere woman.

You must be intelligent and objective like this student. She is finding many solutions thanks to dream interpretation according to the scientific method. I simplified Carl Jung's method so much that everyone can learn it, independently of their educational level.

Carl Jung is the only one who managed to discover the true meaning of the dream language, and I'm the only one who managed to simplify his complex method of dream interpretation because I rather obeyed the Divine guidance in dreams. Alone I would never manage to continue his work. I was too young and ignorant.

If I could accomplish so much based on Jung's complicated method before simplifying it, imagine how much you can accomplish now that I simplified and completed his work.