Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Are you sick of them ruining your life and want to figure out not only what triggers them but how to be rid of them forever? Then read on for some important advice.

Anxiety attacks are caused by an imbalance in your brain. The specific portion of your brain that controls your anxiety level is known as the Amygdala. This set of neurons regulates the “fight or flight” response. In other words, it determines what is a danger to you, and what is not.

Sometimes though the Amygdala gets “glitched”. It starts to think that simple activities such as walking around the block or going to the supermarket is as dangerous as going face to face with a bear in the woods.

A stimuli in your brain activates and you experience symptoms such as sweating and nervousness. After that, an anxiety attack occurs.

So how do you prevent and stop them for good? You find the source of your fear and you try to conquer it.

If you do not know what your particular fear is do not worry. Try doing activities daily that you deem fearful, or more specifically out of your comfort zone.

Over time, as you leave your comfort zone and do activities that your body deems fearful, your anxiety level will lower. And when that happens, your attacks will dissipate.

That is really all there is to it when it comes to stopping the attacks permanently. You just need to face your fears head on and be able to handle it.

Another technique you can do while you have the actual attack is to try to stay calm. While having one tell it you do not fear it, that you can take the heat! Doing so will reprogram your Amygdala and tell it there is nothing to fear. Over time as you continue to do this your chances of getting another anxiety attack will lessen.

One final technique that you could try out is medication or therapy. Both of these options do help but at the end of the day only band aid the problem. Not only that but they both can be very expensive. The therapist more than likely that you are seeing may not have experienced an anxiety attack themselves, which pretty much doesnt make them qualified to diagnosis you. If the above techniques do not work however, then I do recommend you take this route regardless.

Just follow these basic yet life changing techniques for stopping anxiety attacks and you will be one step closer to living a much more happier life.