Just ran a marathon.

That's how it feels like. When you had a full-blown panic attack and it just subsided. All that unused adrenalin stored up in your body had to be sent in a form of a panic attack.

You feel achy and tired. You feel tension every square inch of your body where nerve endings lie.

Most sufferers complain of fatigue, pain and tightness anywhere from the neck, chest, shoulders, back and down to the thighs and legs. Your scalp slippers numb. That's why a massage is the most popular pain reliever in this case.

If left untreated, panic disorder will inevitably spill into other areas of your life. If the condition is not addressed, it can be crippling and disabling.

Let's take this one for example: You took the elevator when suddenly out of now, you felt a panic attack coming on. Your hands, shaking. Your legs, wobbly. At that moment you felt horrible sensations of wanting to escape but can not. Not until you reach a certain floor and the elevator doors are opened.

You have to wait excruciating seconds until you can get the heck out of there. The next time you have to take the elevator you suddenly remember all the bad things happened there. You start to avoid elevators. You do not want to live in an apartment or condominium with elevators in it. Much less work in a building with elevators in it.

A lot of people, panic attack sufferers to be more exact are aware of the accumulated side effects of anti-anxiety medication. Mostly they want to avoid going the pharmaceutical route. They know that drugs are just a crutch and short term solution for their condition.

They want something that is effective and sustainable in the long run to recover from their panic disorder. They know that they have “learned behavior” that contributed to their exotic and panicky self. They want to break the cycle and unlearn these learned response by using natural methods such as:

1. Make sure you ask your physician's advice before starting to use this herb as it has quite a strong sedative effect and may interfere with your daily activities and with other medications.

Try this natural herbal remedy called Valerian. It has properties that increase GABA- a neurotransmitter in the brain which is responsible for decreasing stress levels and induces soothing and calming effect. It is good for people with sleeping problems as well as anxiety and panic attack sufferers.

Valerian can be taken in various forms as tea, capsules, extract, tablets and tincture. Before taking this herb you might want to consult with your doctor first, if you are pregnant or taking other medications.

2. Whenever you may catch yourself worrying over nagging issues, try to stuff your worries one by one into a “mental worry jar.” Take a deep breath and count one to thirty to give yourself that much mental time for the worry to go and then move on.

3. Do something that is relaxing. Example: after eating lunch you might want to spend the extra 30 minutes left on your break to listen to classical music. So get your noise-cancelling headphones and focus on the music. Just find and do something that is relaxing to you such as playing video games, reading a book or watching a movie .. After engaging in these activities you find yourself de-stressed and calm. Do whatever works for you.

4. Do not watch the news. Sure you would like keep up with current events. Especially in today's culture of “all news all the time”, you are incessantly exposed to all that negativity. But you have to realize constant viewing violence, suffering, murders, drama, gossip will subconsciously feed on your anxiety.

By watching news all the time you are not aware that you are adding anxiety and stress in your life. Instead expose yourself to good, calming and uplifting things like reading the Bible, watching stand-up comedy or listening to relaxation CD etc.

5. Do a detox. Avoid caffeine, stimulants, nicotine, additives, aspartame-laden foods, alcohol and too much sugary foods.As seemingly innocent as energy drinks and nasal decongestants-they contain loads of stimulants. You may want to substitute it with a healthy alternative. You will be surprised about how these diet and lifestyle changes will influence how you will feel good (emotionally, mentally and physically).

6. Take fish oil regularly. It contains omega 3 which can help improve mood disorder and reduce depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

7. Perpetual stress and no plan of managing it properly will wreak havoc on your immune system. What you need is a schedule to do some de-stressing. Have a weekly massage. Take tennis lessons. Enroll in a yoga class. Or buy meditation / relaxation cds or dvds.