Everyone loves to laugh. Laughing is our way of expressing an inner joy to the outside world. It can also be the key to slowing the cognitive decline by Alzheimer's Disease. There is no known cure for Alzheimer's Disease, but as strategies for combating it have evolved an incredible way to stave off its effects.

The human mind is capable of incredible feats and research shows increasing evidence of the mind affecting the health of the brain. Interactions associated with laughter, such as playful banter and joyfully stimulating conversation, have a myriad of benefits, including, lower stress and anxiety. Keeping the brain active throughout the latter stages of life is important to your senior loved one's brain of overall health, as it can lead to the production of new cells.

The confusion and memory loss associated with Alzheimer's Disease can itself be debilitating, but can also have equally serious residual effects. Frustration caused by these symptoms can often develop into anxiety or depression, which can cause the quality of life to decrease significantly. As laughter is usually a signifier of happiness, a healthy dose of it goes a long way in the fight against mood disorders. Consistent laughter helps to increase brain function by reducing stress levels considerably. The emotional stress caused by living with Alzheimer's can affect the afflicted person and the people around him. The many stressors associated with Alzheimer's Disease can often lead to erratic behavior, causing increased levels of tension with the people that care for them. Laughter becomes a positive agent, acting to quell these stressors.

Laughter has been so effective in fighting Alzheimer's that techniques have been refined for efficiency, even taking up titles such as laughter wellness and humor therapy. Those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease are in a constant struggle with themselves and being that the symptoms of Alzheimer's can lead to equally devastating consequences. Laughter, at the very least, can offer a sense of respect to all parties affected, due to the natural healing power of this sort of positive energy. There are over 30 million people in the world who experience Alzheimer's Disease, but by laughing as much as possible and maintaining a social life in golden years, the issues that seniors face can be greatly diminished. Laughter can be a preventer or a coping mechanism for those dealing with Alzheimer's, so be sure to keep your loved one happy and create situations for them to laugh.