Many times I spent hours and hours trying to write a poem, but all my efforts were made in vain. In the end I scribbled all versions, except a few words. Perhaps they could be used later.

I was very demanding. I wanted to win the Nobel Prize of literature. When I was not satisfied with what I had written, it did not deserve to be part of my work.

When I had inspiration the words would come to my mind so fast that I could immediately write write versa with perfect rhymes. I did not need to change anything. This is why I had to immediately write down what my inspiration was saying, without wasting time.

Then, I kept admiring my words and feeling like a genius. I was my best fan. I read my poems more than too many times.

I kept reading the words I had written not only because I liked them, but also because I had to really understand their meaning. This was an intriguing fact. Even though I was the author of my poems and stories, I could not understand the wisdom contained in my own words from the beginning.

I believed that this wisdom was the result of my own thoughts and feelings. I could not imagine that it was sent by God.

God was sending me information in a poetical form through my magic inspiration because he was trying to help me remember the meaning of compassion. I had to show compassion to the poor in order to understand why I had to help Him put an end to terror on earth when I would find out the mission He had prepared for me.

I also had to understand that love can solve all problems before discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience. Otherwise, I would not have any motivation to fight the demon when I would discover its existence.

My poems were written by me, but I was not the real author. I simply transcribed God's words, making a few adaptations here and there, in order to complete the meaning of each poem.

I believed that I would certainly become a famous literature writer. Everyone who read my poems and stories agreed with this thought.

However, the real reason why I had this talent was because it helped me think according to God's philosophy, which is based on wisdom and goodness. It also helped me better understand the poetical and philosophical dream language when I started studying the meaning of dreams.

When I became a dream expert (in 1988) I learned how to transcribe God's words by translating the meaning of dreams without problems. This practice was totally different from writing down poems and stories sent by God through my magic inspiration, but there was a similarity in the meaning of the translations and in the meaning of my poems.

Both contained the same depth wisdom because both were created by God. I was a prophet, even though I ignored this fact.

Who could imagine that a literature writer would be able to understand how the human brain works, and mental mental illnesses that today's doctors are unable to cure?

This was possible only because I accidentally obeyed God's guidance, even against my will.

I disagreed with my suffering and with God's intention to save all human beings from craziness and despair. After discovering the truth about the human nature I saw that we are too absurd and too incorrigible.

I believed that God had to accept His failure and let me rest instead of making me carry on His difficult plan, but I did not doubt that He always was right and I always was wrong whenever I disagreed with His wisdom.

I never forgot that I was ignorant. I could continue Carl Jung's research and win the battle against the anti-conscience only because I always was obedient and serious.

Psychiatrists and neurologists can not understand how the human brain works because they analyze its external movements. Thanks to the lessons I had in dreams and thanks to the experiences I had when I failed the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience, I verified that all mental illnesses are formed by the anti-conscience's absurd thoughts.

The only way we can cure a mental illness is by sending away our anti-conscience's thoughts when they invade our conscience.

Only God knows how to give us these lessons because He can see the internal functioning of our brain. He sends us this information in the dream messages. All dream images reflect the internal functioning of our brain and psyche.