When you go to an ignorant psychologist he / she makes you many questions in order to understand your problems. Then he gives you advice based on his knowledge and the knowledge of the historical time you belong.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you understand God's words.

God gives you answers and explanations to help you understand your problems, your behavior, and the harmful influence of your satanic anti-conscience. You learn how to combat the absurdity it imposes to your conscience.

Your anti-conscience tries to make you individually accept its absurd and evil thoughts with the intent to destroy your capacity to think logically and permanently control your mind and your behavior.

God helps you recognize your anti-conscience's absurd thoughts and refuse to follow them.

You must be more than grateful because you have this information today. Your poor elderlyors were blind victims of their anti-conscience. They could not do anything against an invisible and powerful enemy that was ruining their lives and destroying their consciences because they ignored its existence.

You can develop your conscience and become a sensitive genius because today you can see your enemy and protect your conscience even before being attacked. God gives you the information you need in your dreams.

You can become an admirable human being and save humanity thanks to your work and your example.

You can make important discoveries and become an inventor. You can become an artist, a philosopher, and a spiritual guide. You can develop all your capacities and hidden talents.

So, why should you be a mentally ill and unhappy creature who is always afraid of everything?

You must prefer to avoid the tragic destiny of your ancestry and become a brilliant human being, without having any psychological problem. This is how you will be in a superior position in life.

You can predict the future and understand exactly what to do thanks to God's guidance in your dreams. This is a big privilege, even though you will probably dislike God's guidance in many ways because you are primarily a lazy and absurd individual.

God will make you work. You will have to correct your behavior and learn how to think and act based on goodness and wisdom.

However, this change is very good for you.

You have to pass through a deep process of transformation in order to eliminate your evil self and become the extraordinary human being you can be.

God is an excellent doctor. You can trust His guidance in your dreams, while you can not trust your own judgment, since you are influenced or controlled by your anti-conscience.

You are the absurd patient who must learn how to think logically. Your reasoning system must be organized based on God's justice. Your moral sense is more important than your ideas.

You can learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation yourself. I simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation so much that everyone can understand it and use it into practice without wasting time.

God shows you in your dreams how you must think and have in order to be a mentally healthy human being.