I accused myself and the situation for my anxiety and panic attacks. Back when I first had them in my teens, I was completely lost and clueless. I felt alone. I was hard on myself for holding back a lot of times and for missing a lot of opportunities.

Today, I learned to forgive myself. I allow myself a little slack. I learn to accept whatever comes my way and enjoy life every step of the way. Forgiving myself mean solving internal conflict and tension. This way I feel more calm and relaxed, which is actually the first step to halt the vicious loop of anxiety and panic attacks.

Complete healing of your anxiety and panic attacks begins when you compassionately accept yourself for all the mistakes you have done, for avoiding life, for being so scared and anxious. If you can not do it for yourself I mean who will?

Let the door of forgiveness stay ajar a little and let the glimmer of healing touch you. You do not have to feel extreme degree of compassion and forgiveness from the get go. I suggest you be open-minded about it. Embrace the concept of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. If you do, you will be on your way to total recovery.

Here are a few tips to start you on the road to recovery:

1.Take magnesium supplement daily. It helps in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain which is responsible for relaying messages between nerve cells. If you suffer long term stress- it can sabotage the production of neurotransmitters called GABA. GABA deficiency can make you prone to alcoholism, manic behavior, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, headaches, palpitations and low sex drive.

Taking 500-1000 mg of Magnesium can also reduce inflammation, dissipates the effects of trauma you experience from various forms of anxiety disorder such as panic attacks. It can help to create new positive brain response patterns.

You can get magnesium from these as well: nuts, citrus fruit, banana, broccoli, green tea etc.

2.You can delve into various relaxation techniques like:

– Hypnotherapy

-guided imagery



You will discover which one suits you well. If you want to conquer your panic attack using the non-drug approach expect hard work and struggle. It will take a lot of time and effort but you will know that it will be all worth it, in the long run. You will be able to understand your bodily symptoms of panic and learn not to be afraid of them. You will know and be able to detect the triggers and symptoms of your anxiety and panic attacks.

And be able to control immediate emotions and reactions. In other words, you will learn more about yourself, your condition and develop skills and techniques. And make progress in order to ditch anxiety and panic attacks.

3. When panic attack sets in-you will feel nauseated, you begin to hyperventilate, your heart pounding and your mind racing. Believe it or not, the advisable thing to do is to wait it out. Like a wave, let it peak because for sure it will subside. Realize that it is just adrenaline surging through your body system and you do not need to be afraid of it. It's just physical sensation. Just wait it out.

There's no amount of tranquilizer or sedative that could act faster because it will take ten to twenty minutes to metabolize adrenaline in your liver. So take a deep, slow breath. Lay down or sit still. Do a body melt. Imagine your legs getting heavy … then your legs … next your head and chest … Breathe in … count one to three … breathe out … feel relax … calm.

4. If you have been suffering from mood swings, in low spirits, irritable take liquid Vitamin B complex. Just give it a shot. And notice your moods will lift increasingly as days go by. You will wake up happy, singing up beat songs and just giggling all day. You have a brighter disposition. Your shoulders blush and there's a bounce in your steps.

5 Will I be able to pay the mortgage? What will my boss, college or neighbors think of me? Constantly spinning your mental wheels with all these worries will not achieve anything. It's a total waste of time. And you would think where am I going to run away from these worries? The answer is now. It's inside of you. You just have to accept and embrace it.

Do not be tormented by the past and hide into your future because these two do not exist. It's only this moment. Embrace it. Choose peace. Then move on. A hundred years from now you will be gone and all the others you know. So do not take your life so seriously. Including what others think of you. Think about that when you are starting the worry / anxiety / stress / panic loop.

6 Cut the worry cycle. We all have problems / fears that keep us up all night. But constant worrying can be toxic to your health. Make a list of your nagging problems / worries and schedule a plan to address them tangibly. Mark your calendar with upcoming stressful events and strategize how you will deal with them so you will not let those worries balloon up to unmanageable size.

7.Equipped yourself with your favorite set of distractions to keep your mind off you're the physical symptoms of a panic attack. Get ideas from panic attack sufferers that used these techniques:

-Reading reddit

-Play Suduko

-Chatting on Omegle

-Walk around the room