This is the one emotion that few can control and it is the rod that breaks many, both physically and mentally. It is used by those who need to control people's actions and what they think. It is the greatest weapon beliefs possess and it is governed by what they drive into the mind from a young age. Children are brain-washed into believing in it and as they age they are pulled by the hook entwined in their psyche to stay true to their beliefs.

The opposite of fear is confidence, although this is not exactly an emotion but rather a combination of other factors. These include knowledge, experience, and a positive attitude. Instead of being tethered to an idea or teaching they explore all possibilities and ensure they are on steady ground before taking action.

Those who overcome the brain-washing and lead positive lives are more likely to be the leaders of the pack. They speak and act with assurance and a demeanor that displays a lack of fear and an acceptance of facts, that are not necessarily what others tell them.

Fear, on the other hand, is prompted by a lack of confidence and ability to know how to overcome it. One would have such an emotion if faced with something they could not avoid that might hurt or kill them. This could come about if on a battle field where one faced an armed enemy. But not everyone feels fear in this situation.

Many would feel anger, hate, and disgust and be ready to charge and be the first to kill or injure the other. What of the fear that one will burn in hell for all eternity? That is not something that is proven and yet it can drive people mad.

In my experience as a spiritual counselor I have heard many tales from victims of this awful lie. It is a lie because there is no such place as hell and nor is there a place called heaven, or paradise. This is known because of my reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God.

It has led many to me over the years who have required spiritual healing and reassurance of their acceptance as normal. There is no such thing as sin and the religious lies that promote them the product of the one bearing the number 666. That was the Roman Caesar, Constantine, who established the Catholic Church and used heaven and hell as weapons to drag people in and control them.

He built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) and it, in turn, ordered the New Testament. It was written and compiled by Jerome who put in place the idea of ​​a soul and that sin can be read on it after one dies. There is no truth in any of it and the Spirit is redeeming its people by releasing these facts.

Because of the brain-washing fear instilled by religious convictions is nothing but a stretch of the imagination. To be rid of it all one has to do is walk away from the source of the idea and become knowledgeable enough to build confidence in oneself.