The scientific method of dream interpretation is unmasking all mental health theories. Mental illnesses are not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

This is why psychiatric drugs are unable to cure mental health problems. All mental illnesses are generated by our anti-conscience, which is very powerful and occupations the largest part of our brain.

In other words, an entire conscience generates a mental illness, and not only a certain part of our brain. A conscience is not a part of the brain. It occupations the entire brain. It is in the left side of the brain and in the right side of the brain. A conscience is an essence that thinks, and is everywhere.

The anti-conscience is an absurd and evil conscience that works independently of our conscience and tries to destroy our human conscience through absurdity in order to control our behavior. It has a distorted nature that calms down with violence and feels pleasure with terror. Its nature is satanic, and not human.

The existence of the anti-conscience was a shocking discovery, but this discovery represents salvation for the human race. Now we know that Satan is in our brain, and that it frequently invades our human conscience, causing numerous abnormalities. So, now we can protect our conscience from its attacks. We can also gradually eliminate our anti-conscience through dream translation, acquiring total consciousness.

You are the human being existent into your human conscience. You do not want to end up on terror. You want to find happiness in life. You love peace and goodness.

However, your satanic anti-conscience takes advantage of your intense desire to be happy and sends numerous misleading ideas to your naïve conscience. It is a wild animal that pretends to be smart.

You can not suppose that the thoughts that pass through your mind come from your evil anti-conscience, which is your worst enemy. You believe that all your thoughts are produced by your tiny human conscience. Therefore, you listened to these thoughts, and this is why you gradually lose consciousness and you make many dangerous mistakes.

In order to cure a mental illness you have to eliminate your anti-conscience by transforming it into a positive component of your consciousness. This process is carried on through dream translation. You receive a natural mental health treatment in your dreams.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand and follow this treatment. This method was discovered by Carl Jung and it is curing many mental disorders from the beginning of the 20th century. I completed Jung's research and I simplified his method of dream interpretation for you, by deliberately obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

Dreams contain specific messages that can be clearly understood. You only have to master the dream language in order to verify that these messages reflect superior knowledge.

For example, there are many theories about the reasons why we have panic attacks, and many therapies based on suppositions.

Panic attacks are generated by the anti-conscience's thoughts when the person has a traumatic experience. Panic attacks are not absurd reactions to inexistent dangers as many people believe. The reasons why someone has panic attacks are clearly visible in their dreams.

Those who try to cure panic attacks with medication are merely trying to eliminate the unbearable symptom of having a panic attack, without curing the psychological problems that generate the panic attacks. This is a dangerous mistake.

The intention to eliminate an unbearable symptom is understandable, but when we believe that this symptom has 'no reason' to happen, the truth is that we can not see the reasons why it is happening, and that that this unbearable symptom happens without any reason.

All mental disorders are generated by the anti-conscience. The various persistent mental disorders are the different ways through which the anti-conscience manages to cause mental health problems to an individual. This is why there are many similarities between these disorders.

You do not need to be able to classify a mental disorder according to the complicated definitions of today's doctors, which are based on the observation of similar symptoms in various patients. There are too many different and at the same time, similar mental disorders. You simply need to know that you are fighting Satan and its attacks, and there before you must inadvertently obey God's guidance in your dreams.

The various absurd reactions and unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience are eliminated based on the elimination of the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience, along with many absurd feelings, sensations, and impressions.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a cleaning process. You eliminate the harmful influence of your absurd and evil anti-consciousness into your conscience.