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Advice For Getting Treatment For Schizophrenia

People are not born with schizophrenic symptoms. They can appear as early as age 16 or as late as 40 with the typical age around 19. If you feel that you are losing your mind or if your family and friends are showing concern that you have these problems that were listed in the introduction, be open to getting help.

Most forms of schizophrenia respond well to medications. Find a qualified psychiatrist to prescribe medicines by calling your insurance or Google. If you do not have insurance many doctors will be willing to work a payment plan.

People with schizophrenia respond well to cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a therapy that includes examining your thoughts, choosing more appropriate and helpful thoughts and beliefs, and changing your behaviors to ones that will keep you safe and functioning well. Look online and find one in your area who treats schizophrenia. You can also call your insurance.

Your family and / or people you live with can be helpful. They can remind you to take your medications, they can guide you if you have a delusion or hallucination by gently helping you question it. You may wish to have one or more supportive people participate in a therapy session with you so the therapist can train them how to help you.

With schizophrenia you may always need to be on medication and you may need therapy or case management through your life. Sometimes you may be tempted to discontinue therapy or medication if you are faring well. Many people with schizophrenia lead happy and productive lives when they stay on their medication and get the help that they need.

Schizophrenia is an illness just like depression, anxiety, bipolar, the flu, etc. and it does not have to define who you are. You can look at what you are good at and what you are accomplishing in your life and see yourself as that and you happen to have an illness called schizophrenia.

When someone becomes aware that they have schizophrenia, they often think that they will never work, have a family, and do the things that others do. After receiving therapy for schizophrenia, often people can move from hospitalization to employment, marriage, and parenthood. It does not have to stop you from living a full and rewarding life.

People with schizophrenia have a behavior similar to people with depression and anxiety. They isolated themselves from the world, and from the people who could help them. Your family and friends can help you once they understand what you are going through.

Earlier in this article it mentions the ages of the sunset of schizophrenia. If you are 19 years old or under 40 it is not necessary to worry about getting it. Often, people will get anxious that they have schizophrenia because they fall within the sunset ages. There is no way to predict who will get it, so why worry?

Although you need medication and therapy, give yourself credit for being able to live a normal and successful life. It comes back to the idea that you are not schizophrenia, you are a person who has schizophrenia and you are also many other things.

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Advice for Healing Memories to Help With Anxiety

Anxiety takes many forms. It can be a panic attack where you feel like you are having a heart attack. It can be fear of a specific thing, such as spiders, water, medical equipment or closed spaces. A specific phobia was probably caused by a bad memory related to the feared object. For example, if you were knocked down by a big wave the first time you went in the ocean you can be afraid of water. General anxiety is caused by the belief that you will not be able to handle something. Memories of scary situations, such as parents fighting can cause you to believe that life is too much and you can not handle it. It is helpful to get pictures, ask people what happened, and change the way you view the memory. By looking at pictures and talking to parents or others from your past you will retrieve good and bad memories. The next four ideas will show you how to resolve the memories.

Select a pleasant memory and a scary memory. Close your eyes, get comfortable, and visualize the pleasant memory for about 15 minutes. Then visualize the scary memory for about five minutes. Do not be too rigid about the timing. After five minutes visualize the pleasant memory for ten more minutes. Notice how you feel about the scary movie. You are likely to no longer be afraid.

When you are anxious, you probably have developed many beliefs such as, “I can not handle much,” “Life is scary,” and “People are scary.” Write the beliefs that you have from the positive as well as the negative memory. Compare the beliefs and see if any beliefs from the positive memory contradict the belief from the negative. For example, “I can not handle much,” then you remember handling a difficult situation in the past. The belief can change to “I handled something as challenging as this in the past, so I can handle anything that is as challenging as this or less challenging.”

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a form of anxiety. People with OCD check doorknobs, burners, locks, over and over to make sure that it is taken care of. Although it was taken care of (locked, shut off) the first time. One simple technique for handling this is to say out loud “Door locked, burner off” etc. The sound remains in your mind for up to a minute, so it can be reassuring that you did turn the burner off and lock the front door.

If you do not have positive memories to override the negatives you can take action, with the support of a friend or a therapist. For example, suppose you were trapped in an elevator and am now afraid of elevators. You could go into an elevator with your therapist guiding you through the experience. If you are afraid of the water you and a friend could take swimming lessons.

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How to Use Your Memories to Overcome Depression

For many people who are plagued with depression, they can resolve it by discovering the memories that led to the beliefs that caused the depression. Depression is caused by a series of thoughts that life is no good and it will not get any better. The first step is to get old pictures, talk to people about your past, and write every memory that was hurtful or disappointing to you. Include positive memories so that you the exercise does not become too depressing.

Close your eyes and visualize a positive memory that you retrieved from the first exercise. Spend at least fifteen minutes dwelling on the memory, until you are feeling good. Then visualize the negative memory for five to ten minutes, then switch back to the positive memory. When you are finished you will probably not feel so depressed about the memory. Do this for each memory over the course of a few days.

When you are depressed, you probably have developed many beliefs such as “Nothing is good in my life”, “People are disappointing”, “Good things only happen to other people.” Write the beliefs that you have from the positive as well as the negative memory. Compare the beliefs and see if any beliefs from the positive memory contradict the belief from the negative. For example, “Nothing good ever happens to me.” Then you have a belief from the positive experience that you did have a good thing happen. This dissolves the belief that nothing good happens.

Most of us base our beliefs on our past experience. However, you can adapt some beliefs to contradict the evidence. For example: “I have not tried everything to make my life work.” “I can learn how to have better experiences and accomplish more.” “What I did in the past has nothing to do with what I will do in the future.” You can be one of the lucky people who can decide what beliefs you will adapt to the evidence.

One useful belief to adapt is that every experience and memory can teach you something. If you had a painful romantic breakup you could decide to do your next relationship differently, or enjoy being single for a while. If you lose your job you can view it as an opportunity to reevaluate your career choices or to learn how to do the type of job better. When you see every memory and experience as learning, you will never be depressed or see life as hopeless again.

When you are doing the visualization exercise, do not dwell on the negative memory longer than the positive. This will keep you depressed and possibly make you more depressed. The idea is to overpower the depression with good feelings.

Some people who are negative, pessimistic, and get depressed pride themselves on being realistic. Realism must include belief in the possibility of a good outcome.

People who criticize you or have criticized you did it for their own reasons. Some of the reasons people criticizeize include to bolster their own ego by making others seem inferior, to make sense of their world, and to control others. Sometimes a boss criticized you because they perceived you as a threat to their position. A useful belief to adapt might be that you will only know if you are good at something if you have practiced and learned it.

There are three categories of abuse that people endure. Physical abuse includes any unwanted touch. Emotional abuse includes yelling, verbal attacks, name calling, unwanted sarcasm as well as neglect. It can be simple thing as a waitress not making eye contact or as severe as parents not batting or feeding a small child. Sexual abuse is any form of sexual contact that is unwanted. If you have memories of these abuses you do not have to continue to see yourself as a victim. You can learn to trust people who earn your trust. You can only let people in who treat you with respect.

There is always something that you can feel good about. The best thing to do when you feel hopeless is pick something to feel grateful for. A moment of gratitude can quickly undo hopelessness.

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Outside of This Room

The foyer of the stylly, Pennsylvania mansion has twelve foot ceilings and a blistering chandelier that glares down at me like a vulture circling its prey. Hard marble floors, white with veins of gold, black and gray are cold against my feet. The walls are painted an unrecognizable shade of orange, like pumpkin pie with too much cream, and the heavy stench of disinfectant assaults my nose and stains my eyes. A gray-haired woman sitting next to the door wearing thick, red-rimmed glasses looks up from her magazine, if only for a second, to meet my gaze with her own, honey brown eyes.

The first room I am taken to has an old, wooden table with seven black chairs assembled around it. A six foot osculating fan stands in the corner beating out a familiar rhythm, keeping perfect time with my own heart. My good friend, who bought me here today, tries to smile as I sit down beside her. I turn away and look down at my lap instead, wishing I had died. But this is why I am here; they are going to teach me how to live again.

I am told that the dress I have on, the one I found lying on the floor at home, is inappropriate. Not because it is wrinkled or dirty, which it is, and not because it is cut too short, which it is not, no, this dress is appropriate because it has a belt. The Eagles tee shirt from 2004 with red paint splattered across the front of it and the pair of ugly, black sweat pants, two sizes too large are better, and in my bag, so I am asked to change. But I do not care. No one cares what they wear in a mental hospital. No one.

After I change, I am escorted to my room. Teresa is already there and, like me, she has no choice, we have to share. There is a hard, single bed for each of us. One pillow, one blanket. A common bathroom has no mirror. There are no pictures on the walls; no phones, no pencils, no pens. There is one small window covered by a grate on the far side of the room but Teresa has already claimed the bed benefit it. We are told that no one besides the nurses and doctors are allowed in our room.

Teresa falls asleep well before my eyes became acclimated to the dim light streaking in across the floor. The noises on the unit are constant; meds being counted at the nurses' station, towels tumbling in the dryer, an aid mops the floor, but it's not the familiars that keeping me awake tonight. Tomorrow I will learn that her name is Amanda, the one who greets me with a sweet smile and has arms bandaged from wrist to elbow. However, Amanda does not scream tonight; it is her other personality who has come unglued, the one they have to tie down to the bed so she can no longer hurt Amanda. I close my eyes and begin to search my memories for a reason to live. When it finally comes to me I smile for the first time in six months.

Outside of this room, I hope to write.

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Qigong Clears PTSD Blockages To Promote Health And Prosperity

Perhaps we should start with answering the question, “What is Qigong?” first. It is a healing practice from China that is over 5,000 years old and practiced broadly in China. Much like Reiki, (which is the Japanese version of using the Universe's energy to clear the meridian passages that exist in all of us.) This energy is the connecting fluid with our breath that unites us with our Source, or Creator. When we continue to think negative thoughts and create patterns within ourselves, this is the cause of illness or diseases. What happens next is that blockages are formed so that the energy can not flow easily from one channel (or chakra in Reiki terminology) to another.

When we are in a state of perfect health all of our channels are open and flowing with life's invisible fluids inside of us, creating balance. A Qigong practitioner (who has maintained a positive, diligent, and congruent-healthy lifestyle) is able to unblock plugged-up channels. Not all illnesses are meant to be unblocked (for reasons known only by a person's internal connection to Source or just by that Source.) Such a statement is backed by the philosophy that life is a continuous journey, where we who live in the world strive to overcome our weaknesses on the road to enlightenment. Each journey is individual. One person may have much to overcome and have a very hard life, while his neighbor may have very few lessons to learn and has a wonderful life. Either way, the prize we all are striving for is perfection while maintaining a loving, kind, and forgiving attitude towards ourselves, and others.

Qigong is not a religion. It is a healing practice that connotes a person to his or her own source, master, and guide without preference to any particular Deity. Some people may only call on the help of the Universe to join with their own life-force energy. Although, when I practice Qigong healing I connect to my own Master and Lord Jesus Christ. The person being healed uses their own energy to heal himself or herself with the aid of the practitioner (who guides the energy to clear each passage through their own connection to Source.) This is an acquired skill-set where the more skilled the practitioner, the stronger the healing coming. The most important aspects of such an alternative health provider is to loving, kind, and forgiving.

There are many types of blockages that create all kinds of havoc in our lives. For instance, anger is a major channel blocker. So is fear. These two emotions are the basis for those of us struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) Thus, you can see how helpful using Universal energy to clear negative emotions is for those with Mental Health Disorders.

The secret to allowing in things like joy and prosperity comes, also, with clearing blocked channels. Qigong energy is a unique clearing tool that uses breathing as the catalyst to overcoming regrets, guilt, and self-punishment to promote and open us up to experiencing joy again. This kind of joy is spiritual and is the only true source of happiness!

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Beat Depression With 5 Tips

  1. Obtain the Facts and Get Help

Read up and do some research on depression. You need to have an understanding on what you are up against. Being equipped with knowledge allows you to make good decisions and explore what kind of medical treatment if available out there. Make use of self tests found either in books or online to help pinpoint the type of depression you are experiencing. You should seek medical help after doing so as depression can be very complicated to solve on your own.

  1. Exercise

Any physical exercise, be it a slow jog or brisk walking, can help to lift the spirit. In fact, studies have revealed that regular vigorous exercises such as running can be effective in beating depression.

  1. Share Your Feelings

Sharing your feelings with a friend or someone you feel comfortable with is a very good way to combat against depression. The person may not even be a psychologist or coach but simply someone who at the bare minimum is able to empathize and try to understand how you feel. More often than not, most people who are depressed just require a channel to vent their thoughts and emotions. With the other person simply listening even without offering any advice, it is sufficient to help you feel better.

  1. Avoid alcohol

While trying to beat depression, avoid alcohol. Research have shown that alcohol temporarily reduces the effectiveness of stress hormones thereby depressing your nervous system and brain which leaves you feeling down.

  1. Focus On Hope

A hopeful attitude is the opposite of depression. To beat depression, you must learn to focus on hope and develop a hopeful heart. This may sound daunting at first but it definitely can be achieved.

One way to achieve this is to read the bible for stories of how God helped those who were feeling hopeless. You could also read up verses that talk about hope. With the internet, such versions and stories are easily found using Google.

Another way to achieve this is by making use of positive affirmations. Positive affirmations simply refer to say positive empowering things. It will be helpful to write down as many affirmations you can think of and read them out loud with energy 10 times each morning. The beauty of this is that even if you are not 100% convinced of whatever affirmations you say, your mind will come to believe it by constantly repeating it to yourself.

In conclusion, what you have just learnt is 5 tips that you can use right now to beat depression. Remember action is key so go ahead and apply these 5 tips to enjoy the life you deserve!

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7 Unusual But Achievable Ways To Knock Off Panic Attacks

It's weird.

Firemen with panic issues do not get full-blown panic attacks when they are busy putting out fires. Soldiers do not get them when they are in the middle of war. Policemen do not have them while chasing thieves. Parents tend not to panic when their child falls down. Instead they take care of all business and go to the doctor.

And it gets even weirder.

Because when times are peaceful, when everything's settled, that's when they get those panic attack episodes. Panic attacks just loom when you are least expecting them like when you are relaxing in front of the fireplace, getting a haircut at your local barber shop or when your child is home again safe from the ER.

Maybe you think panic attack is a mysterious process. The odds of them happening again does follow a logical principles. Although to the sufferer it may seem illogical.
Learning about panic attacks and why they happen make the person with panic condition get them from confusion to understanding, to coping and to finally getting rid of them.

And it does not hurt to learn and practice these natural methods in knowing how to stop a panic attack because you do not rely on a crutch. You minimize your chances of experiencing the side effect of drugs like brain fog, lethargy and feeling numb. If you decide to take the drug-less route to panic attack recovery you can start here and learn apply these holistic methods:

1. Use Black pepper as a natural remedy for panic attack sufferers. It eases inflammation, spasm, stomach problems. This herb is good for relieving tension, pains and aches. Another health benefits are it stimulates the mind and body that increases focus and concentration.

Black pepper is also used as a topical application for massages feet and back.

2. Go for short walks. Just a half hour to be by yourself and get your mind off what's worrying you. It also burns off excess energy to help you calm down. If you do any vigorous activity it will release chemicals in the brain called endorphins and serotonin responsible for making you feel a good over-all sense of well-being. So go get your daily dose of “happy hormones”.

3. Use your mind to your advantage. Think thoughts that are positive, encouraging, stimulating and uplifting. Remember you are the master of your body and mind. Create thoughts that will improve you as an individual. Thinking negative is like self-torture. It will destroy and hurt you.

4. Do not fight off panic when you are in the middle of an outbreak. Take a deep slow breath. Inhaling through the nose. Count 1 to 4. Then exhale through your mouth, count 1 to 4. Repeat as often as necessary until you will feel calm. Resisting panic attacks is like giving it more energy and power. Think of it as an ocean wave, let it peak but stay calm and watch it wash away back to the shore.

5. If you believe in this new age movement you will likely volunteer your services for free to people who needs it. Voluntary work will bring you good karma. By offering your help to the needy, you will offset your past mistakes and then will bring you healing if you are ill or prosperity if you are mired in poverty or just simply blessed.
So devote a few hours each week and volunteer to your favorite charitable institution.

Do not expect complete healing and financial blessings if you do wrongful deeds, or thing wrongful thoughts or harbor any grudges to your fellow-men. Cleanse yourself first mentally and emotionally and detoxify your physical body from any form of toxins. And volunteer. It is a win-win situation. You will make other people happy and in return will make you feel great because you have extended help to them.

6. As adrenaline is surging through your body, you will feel and increasing heart beats. You will feel a rush of heat. Beads of sweat are visible on your forehead.
Cool yourself down by opening a window, sipping ice-cold water or turning on the air conditioner. Get a breath of fresh air.

7. When panic attack overwhelms use a stress relief aromatherapy inhaler if you want to calm down quickly, naturally without popping sedatives or tranquilizers. The soothing and calming scents of bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain and jojoba are a perfect combination to affect the brain's central fear and anxiety headquarters called the amygdala to create a rapid sense of calm. The effects of these scent when inhaled will create a rapid sense of relaxation and restful sleep. It is available online for under $ 10.

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Men’s Mental Health Issues

Since it is often hard for a man to share his feelings, it is important to find a therapist that you are comfortable sharing with. If you feel comfortable by the end of the first session, then you are with the right therapist. If you are not comfortable, it is okay to shop for another one.

Many men mask their vulnerable feelings with anger. Men have been taught to be tough and protective of others. Consequentially, if you feel sad, scared, or your feelings are hurt you cover it with anger. Many men believe that it is unmanly or weak to cry, look scared, or care what others think, so they express anger instead. It is healthy to be objective and ask yourself what you are really feeling. Your therapist can help with this.

Men have friends who they play sports, fish, or hunt with but would not talk to about their concerns. It is important to have at least one or two friends what you can share your personal concerns with. This could include concerns about work, your family, your kids, your ambitions. Ideally, you could have at least one male friend and one female friend. This could include family members and your spouse.

When men get upset, what's the first thing that they do yell? You may go out and run, tinker with the car, or pack the fishing gear. Often you do not want to talk immediately. It is okay to do an activity first as long as you then talk to a trusted person.

If you are asked what's wrong as soon as you get upset you may not want to talk immediately. However, keep in mind that the person only wants to help. A good compromise would be to politely tell them that you do not want to talk now but you will talk later. This works as long as you really do approach them later and share.

You rarely if ever see one man approaching another and saying “You hurt my feelings.” We just do not express ourselves that way. There are ways to express yourself without feeling embarrassed about your vulnerability. In men's groups, when the members get comfortable, they begin to trust each other.

There are many men who still think that they are supposed to handle everything and any expression of vulnerability is an assault on their manhood. It makes more sense to believe that part of being a man is to have their full range of feelings and express them comfortably. You are not weak just because you express your feelings.

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7 Ways To Battle Panic Attacks Using Natural Methods

What do you think are the factors that cause panic attacks?

There are a variety of factors like biological or stressful life events. Panic attacks are sometimes triggered by physical ailments such as hypoglycemia, mitral valve prolapsed, hyperthyroidism, labyrinthitis and a host of other illnesses.

People who think too much about their bodily symptoms may get so stressed out and those who take on too many responsibilities that they handle, it may also have the tendency to experience a panic episode.

There is also evidence that showed- people who had panic attacks at an early age may experience a natural reduction or complete recovery symptoms-wise- when they reach after middle-age.

In today's fast-paced style of living we are familiar with instant gratification. We can not wait any longer. We want everything NOW. That's why taking drugs to get rid of our anxiety and panic attacks is all too common way to deal with our condition. But you have to get right down to the heart of the matter. Medications only mask the problem.
Popping pills will not immediately make you a social darling if you are shy to begin with. It will not make you a power energyhouse if you are naturally mild-mannered and stoic.

What I'm driving at is- solving issues in a form of capsule or tablet will not be sustainable in the long run. What panic attack sufferers need is to learn and acquire vital life skills to unlearn the awkward behavior we have picked up along life's beat path. What we panic victims need is to re-train our minds to think positive thoughts to break the cycle of nervousness and panic attack loop, without the harmful side effects of medicines.

Here are natural methods you can use to combat panic attacks and anxiety:

1. The herb St. John's Wort is a known remedy for treating panic disorder. It has properties that can inductance soothing and calming sensations which is perfect for reducing agitation, anxious and fearful thoughts. St. John's Wort helps in the production of neurotransmitter called GABA which helps restore the balance of chemicals in the brain. St. John's Wort has the same health benefits of other known herbs that is suited for the treatment of anxiety, depression and panic disorder like Valerian root, lavender and Lemon Balm.

2. Some people who have successfully gotten rid of their panic attacks say-they notice a huge difference in their over-all mood and well-being if they have done their exercise routine for the day. If they go for days without exercising they feel sluggish, experience nasty mood swings and just generally sad. So get your sports gear ready, and work up a sweat while through jogging, hiking, dancing, gardening, playing tennis etc. Do whatever works for you.

3. Be optimistic. Cultivate positive thoughts. It is tempting to curl up ourselves into a ball to shield ourselves from the daily stresses of life (pick one: job stress, relationship claims, social obligations etc.) Just realize no matter how dark and gray our life sometimes we must have affirmative expectations that summer will always come. We must look at the glass half-full not half-empty so to speak.

4. Do not let pent-up feelings keep bottled-up inside of you for so long. It is like a body of water waiting for the floodgates to open and flow of the current surges through. You need to interact with another human being. Join and participate in online forums or support groups. Connect with others who share your problem. Listen to others who talk about their experiences and share yours as well. You get a better perspective about your own problem. You may get a better ambulance, fresh insights to deal with your panic disorder. You will get encouragement. You will find a refugee. You will no longer feel alone.You will get relief.

5. Always have your support list in your speed dial. This list will contain names and phone numbers of people you can call in case you have panic attack. It is ideal that you have more than one contact just in case the other is not available.

Tell them ahead as for the purpose of the call so they may know what to do or say to you in case of emergency.

6. Make sure that your thyroid is working well or your blood sugar is stable. That is another way of saying set an appointment with your health care provider and undergo a battery of tests to rule out any under physiological issues.

7. Use the count down method when you are in the middle of a panic attack or when you feel one is coming on. Simply start by counting 5-4-3-2-1 every two minutes and repeat as many times as possible until you are focused and calm. This is to keep your mind off from “what if” thoughts and help you keep distracted from your inconvenient physical sensations.

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Fearful To Confident: 7 Tips To Lead A Panic Attack-Free Life

A hiker on his way way through the trails had been alerted that there is a grizzly bear spotted in the woods. He now becomes cautious. He constantly is in the lookout for the bear. It bothers him if he hears rustling sounds thinking the bear is near. The hiker becomes so sensitive to anything that suggests imminent danger that he just wants to run out of the woods altogether and never go back.

A person with panic attacks is just like this hiker. He is on red alert always. He is always on the edge feeling nervous. He is on the lookout for another panic attack. And totally avoids anything that triggers those episodes.

Panic attack sufferers worry a lot. They feel constant dread. They fear being alone. They have trouble sleeping or they have nightmares often. Because they have the inability to relax- they can not focus, forgetful, irritable and self conscious.

What people with panic disorder need is a set of principles that will teach them to replace anxious, negative thoughts with positive ones. What they need is to learn skills that will enable them to live a more relax and happier lives. So that they will be able to conquer the mental beast called panic attacks using natural methods.

Here are some ideas to beat panic attacks without using medicines:

1. Use Sandalwood Essential oil. It is widely used for aromatherapy. Sandalwood has properties called sesquiterpenes that stimulates the pineal gland in the brain which induces deep relaxation therefore is good for stress and tension reduction. It is a good natural cure for people who are constantly stressed, worried and tired.

Sandalwood also aids in the production of melatonin that is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. It ensures restful sleep. It also keeps mood swings, irritability, anxiousness away and therefore people who use Sandalwood will be able to cope with panic attack or anxiety attack easily.

2. Do not worry too much of what others think of you. You can not really predict exactly what their thinking. And mostly people are too preoccupied with their own worries to notice the little things about you that you worry about. So relax.

3. Check if your post is correct. Slouching during panic attack episodes decrease the amount of air we are able to inhale and that could lead to hyperventilation. Hyperventilation could aggravate the physical symptoms of a panic attack such as dizziness and tingling sensations.

Have your back straight, your shoulders relax. And your butt should be planed in the back of the chair. This position could distribute your weight evenly, so easing pressure on skeletal disks while internal organs are relaxed not squeezed. Keep both feet planed firmly on the floor and arms and elbows resting on the arm chair. Proper posture lessens restlessness when angry and increases air passage that will balance the amount of oxygen inhaled to make you calm down while you are in the middle of a panic attack.

Sitting right and proper breathing techniques will immediately free you from the agitation and distress a panic attack can cause.

4. Eliminate wheat, too much sugar and aspartame-laden food. Cut out caffeine Instead crank up on vegetables and fruits. Be aware food allergies can trigger a panic attack.

5. Spray pure lavender oil and mix with water on your handkerchief. Lavender induces calmness and relaxation. Keep handkerchief handy especially when yours are triggered when you smell something pungent.

6. Use a distraction technique called “I see” method.

When in a mid of an outbreak just name the object in your peripheral vision. Say: I see a lamp, I see a bed etc. Continue until you have seen ten objects. Once you have completed 10 statements, proceed to the next cycle. So on and so forth. You do not have to blurt out the words but in your mind. This exercise is to help you concentrate intensely on non-threatening objects and keep your mind occupied. That way you burn off “flight or fight” hormones. Once it burns off you will be more relaxed and calm.

7. To snap you out of your worried, anxious mind snap a rubber band against your wrist. So always wear a rubber band on your wrist. As soon as you revisit nagging issues-snap the rubber band against your wrist. The little pain will get you back to the present moment

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7 Little Odd Things To Do To Get Rid Of Your Panic Attacks

Episodic hypoglycemia. Drug inoxication. Substance withdrawals. Hyper-thryroidism. All these accompaniment symptoms of anxiety which at times can bring on a surge similar to panic attacks. That is why a panic attack is often misdiagnosed. Panic attacks mimic many symptoms of these real physical issues and illnesses.

It is highly recommended that you should see your doctor. Undergo a lot of tests in order to rule out any other physiological conditions.

Tests such as:


-Glucose tolerance

-Pulmonary scan


-Histamine level

And a host of other tests your doctor may suggest, besides the usual blood pressure, CBC etc.

Some panic sufferers spent a lot of time and money just to get the proper diagnosis. They undergo MRI's, multiple CT scans. They went to several GPs, chiropractors and psychologists. Yes I know it's a little extreme. But some people went all the way.

In the hopes of discovering what really is the answer to stopping panic attacks, many people recently have been leaning towards the natural methods approach. People are now aware that medicines although they are effective in relieving anxiety and panic attacks- it can also be habit-forming. People with panic issues do not want to be chained to a prescription. People are now aware that these drugs offer short term fix but not for the long term.

If you are among the many people who have panic attacks and would do anything just to feel inner calm and peace. You would start practicing these all-natural and drug-less approaches in stopping your panic attacks and anxiety- like

1. Take calcium supplement. Calcium is not considered as a direct cure for panic attacks and anxiety but its presence inside the body of a human being is needed for keeping agitation, stress, tension, nervousness, palpitation, extreme caring and sleeplessness away. Best sources for calcium are milk, yohgurt, green leafy vegetables and some enriched cereals.

2. Workout. It works like a charm. Lift weights, run, dance, play tennis, go bowling. Do whatever floats your boat. The psychological effects of exercise gives your self-esteem a tremendous boost.

Exercise is great for siphoning your excess energy that makes you feel calm and relax afterwards. It is considered a natural pain killer as well.

3. If music is your bag, then by all means create a playlist of your favorite songs that soothes and relaxes you. Always keep your ipod or any mp3 player handy. Music is a great distraction especially when you begin to feel restless and nervous. It has a very powerful “grounding” effect for people with panic disorder.

4. While we are in the middle of an outbreak of panic attack, external stimulus can be overwhelming. Lights are brighter. You'll hear a whoosh sound louder etc. One good technique is to lower your gaze towards the floor until your panic attack subsides.

5. Every little changes you make in your day (no matter how small or trivial it is) will break you out of a momentum of negative thinking patterns. You will not get bored in fact you will look forward to doing the changes you would like to set. Such as:

-tie your shoe laces in a different way

-go for a quick hike after work

– have a quick spin around a new neighborhood going to work

-eat your breakfast at dinner

-dinner at breakfast time

-if you are something a big spender, try to save like 50% of your paycheck

-buy a thick novel and lose yourself in it

-buy yourself a harmonica and learn how to play it

– now go concoct other exciting, new ways you can do

6. Apply the distraction technique the “I hear” method. Say: I hear the rooster crows. I hear the roar of big truck engines pass by, I hear the neighbor's loud stereo crank up, I hear my pet cat purring etc. Make sure these are all external sounds you hear. Not I hear my heart beating fast.

The purpose of this exercise is to intensively focus on the external sounds and keep your mind off your own bodily sensation. Once you finish identify 5 external sounds, proceed to the next cycle. So on and so forth. By doing this process you will burn off “flight or fight” hormones. Once your burn it you will feel calm, collected and relax.

7. Panic attacks usually starts at a visual thought. To combat panic attacks you need to keep your mind visually busy to keep your imagination from going wild. Scan and read magazines with colorful pictures in it. Bring along crossword puzzle, watch movies on your portable dvd player or play games on your tablet.

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Surviving And Thriving In An Undeserved Panic Disorder Condition

Melissa can not do her household chores because she suffers from bouts of headaches, mood swings, muscle aches, hot and cold flushes regularly. On the other hand Tiffany almost always wakes up in the middle of the night suddenly gasping for breath, feeling frightened and experiencing night terrors. While at work, Cindy often goes to the bathroom. She stays there for a reasonable time to let her symptoms (of dizziness, churning stomach, heart palpitations, sweaty or clammy hands or feelings of general unrest) passed.

Melissa, Tiffany and Cindy are among the growing numbers of panic attacks and anxiety sufferers.

This condition affects one in four adults. It affects more women than men. And generally occurs between adolescence and early adulthood.

Most people with panic disorder feel chest tightness and smothering sensations. They feel a fear of impending doom and sense of unreality. They repeatedly land in emergency rooms numerous times before they can get the right diagnoses.

If you live in a remote area where you do not have access to therapists or specialists you can avail of the downloadable panic attack elimination programs in the market today. These programs apply the basic principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) which is a popular and effective treatment for panic attacks.

These programs will show you how to retrain your thoughts, reprogram your learned response into more positive and effective way to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks.

Through these programs, you will learn vital life skills to tackle the daily stresses of life. If your bag, is to go it the non-drug way- then just whip out your credit card and get treatment right away in the comforts of your own home. These programs come with money back guarantee. If you think that a particular program is not for you, just ask for a refund.

Here are some natural remedy ideas you can try to less your anxiety and panic attacks sans medication:

1. Drink black tea. It is known that black tea can help with ditching panic attacks and anxiety because some of its components can lower cortisol levels (also known as the stress hormones). Scientist can not specifically pin point which properties Black tea have but it has this stress reducing effects.

The ritual of having some warm drink to prepare and drink it, are also a practice of mindfulness which relaxes you. Drinking black tea gives you the zen-like focus which coffee does but without the jitters.

2. Woring is hard-wired into our DNA. And that feeds off an anxiety and panic attack loop. The way worry works affects the body and mind. When we spin our mental wheels, our stomach gets affected too like bloating, flatulence and indigestion.

To combat upset stomach drink this blend of caraway, chamomile, milk thistle, peppermint, licorice called Iberogast. Check Iberogast in specialty health food stores. It costs about $ 20.

Add 20 drops of Iberogast to your drink preferably water. It can soothe agitated receptors in your stomach when you have anxiety.

3. Run a marathon. If you do not want to be caught up with job pressures, office gossip and politics, family drama and all the stress life entails, you can not just sit around and think. You need to have an outlet for all that. And one way is to prepare yourself to run your first marathon. That should keep your mind occupied plus the added benefits of exercise (toned muscles, elevated fitness and physical endurance) will do you more good physically and mentally. And physical activity will wash away your sadness and anxiety.

4. Have instant ice packs that you can carry around with you. You will never know when an attack will crop up or any anxiety-related nausea. You may want to put the cold pack on your forehead or behind the neck. It can have soothing effects and brings immediate relief.

5. Have a steady supply of ginger. Anything ginger (ale, gum, candy). Ginger gum has added bonus because of the flavor of ginger plus the act of chewing helps to distract you of the uncomfortable body sensations when you are in the mid of an attack.

6. Plan a daily routine. Do household chores such as: cleaning the house, washing your car, doing the dishes and laundry. Doing nothing makes you focus on the negative side of things which will make your anxiety worse. So get occupied: play Starcraft, Minecraft or Scrabble etc. Read a book. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day is a nice anxiety elixir.

7. “Laughter is the best medicine.” That is more than just a cliché because it is so true. If you're feeling depressed and anxious, having belly laughs or even a giggle will usually snap you out of your anxious, panicky state of mind.

So call up a friend and head on down to your local comedy bar or pop in a video of Jack Black, Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn and have the time of your life.

If you are out commuting, on airplanes, on buses or practically just about anywhere get your ipod and listen to stand-up comedians.

Laughing can be powerful way to relax, calm down and feel invincible against a panic attack.

So you see it is more than just doing one thing- but more little set of things that will bring changes that will help you get out of this life and have more freedom.

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Identifying Absurd Thoughts And Finding Sound Mental Health

The fight between your conscience and your anti-conscience is the fight between good and evil. Your human conscience was created by God, and this is why it has human characteristics. You must be the human being created by God into your human conscience, and not the demon your conscience came from. God transformed a part of your anti-consciousness into human conscience to help you become a true human being.

The anti-conscience is your primitive consciousness. You can not get rid of it. You have to transform it into human conscience by obeying the divine guidance. In other words, you have to learn how to be a good person in all situations.

Therefore, when you fight a mental illness you fight a demon, which keeps trying to induce your ego to prefer what is bad. The Greek word 'diabolos', which means 'devil' comes from the verb 'diabloo', which means 'I admit'. This is exactly what happens with the devil exist into your wild conscience. The devil keeps inducing your human conscience to be bad, while pretending that this will be advantageous for you.

You are used to be careful with other people's wickedness, and not with your own. However, the truth is that you have to be careful with your evil thoughts. They do not belong to your human conscience. Many other thoughts that do not seem to be evil are sent by your anti-conscience the same way.

I learned how to deal with the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience and how to help others. The unconscious guidance in dreams always shows to all dreamers that many negative parts of their personality belong to their anti-conscience.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on the elimination of everything that is bad from your brain and psyche. You typically purify your psyche. As a result, your mind becomes clear, you have a better memory, and you become a self-confident person.

The anti-conscience is your evil self, but you ignore this wild content. You have to follow the divine guidance in dreams in order to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

I dedicated my life to dream translation after verifying how effective the unconscious psychotherapy is in all cases. I saw that everyone sufferers very much because they are victims of their anti-conscience, and how much everyone needs the unconscious psychotherapy. This is safe psychotherapy that gives you relief, peace, and wisdom.

Our human conscience wants to be good. However, it is easily misled by our wild conscience, which pretends to be smarter and have better solutions for all problems.

I learned how to discern the logical traps of the anti-conscience, but average people ignore the existence of a second conscience in their brain. They are not able to understand that their thoughts do not belong to their human conscience when their anti-conscience's absurd thoughts invade their conscience, pretending to be logical.

You will observe this ironic truth when you will be able to discern all absurd thoughts thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams. Most people ignore the existence of a hidden enemy into their own brain.

Our anti-conscience works like a 'smart' second conviction that is in fact idiotic and self-destructive. Everyone must learn how to eliminate their dangerous wild consciousness through consciousness by following dream therapy.

Only God knows how to help our conscience escape our anti-conscience's traps. The impositions of the demon seem to be ideal solutions for problems we can not solve.

This is why so many people have chasing dreams. The parts of their personality that belong to their anti-conscience are constantly chasing their conscience. In other words, these violent parts of their personality are constantly trying to make their conscience follow their violent thoughts, which do not seem to be absurd in the beginning.

Absurdity seems to be a complex topic, but when you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method, you are able to clearly perceive what is logical or ellogical in any situation. Absurdity is generated by evilness. When you are able to understand the unconscious language in dreams you learn how to perceive every evil intention behind any thought.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand all bad intentions not only in your own thoughts, but also in other people's thoughts. Unfortunately, bad intentions characterize the human nature, since we have inherited an absurd and evil wild conscience.

As human beings who prefer to defend goodness and happiness instead of accepting the violence and the cruelty of our evil side, we have to consciously prefer to be honest. However, falsity, hypocrisy, corruptions, crimes, and psychological manipulation characterize the human behavior.

You have to be prudent and offer resistance to your wild tendencies. You have to pass through a process of transformation, trying to attain spiritual perfection and sanctity.

The world follows the mindset imposed by everyone's wild conscience. You have to be different, and understand the power of goodness.

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What Is a Psychopath?


When asked “What is a Psychopath?” most people imagine an ax wielding lunatic with a glazed look in his eye (usually a “him” not a “her”) or a notorious serial killer, predatory child molester or dangerous unstable stalker. The truth is, despite the above mentioned people usually are psychopaths, the majority of them do not kill anyone and are not criminals. This is not to say they are not dangerous, because they are! Very!

They are predatory and the destruction that cause their victims is unimaginable to most people. Victim risk losing the things most dear to them amid continuous and progressive emotional trauma and even risk losing their lives.

They have a complete incapacity to feel guilty and therefore regret nothing. Their lack of conscience means they do exactly as they please regardless of the consequences for others and they do not feel empathy, can not see things from anyone else's point of view and do not believe there is anything wrong with the way they have behaved.

However, they do know what the difference between right and wrong is according to society.

They become extremely good a copying and acting out others expressions of the emotions that lack and use these to convince people very effectively that they are good and caring, sincere and generous members of their community, all of which are the complete opposite of the truth.

On the surface they appear charming, clever and witty. They are very likeable and good at conversation. They are popular.

Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Narcissists and other sufferers of cluster B personality disorders, as they are called, exhibit similar traits:

Deceit and manipulation

Superficial charm
Lacking remorse
The belief of superiority
Preoccupied with power and success
Need constant stimulation and excitment
Early behavior dysfunction
Exaggerated or invented achievements
Demanding constant praise
Believe they are special
Do not acknowledge the emotions of others
Expect others to cater to their demands
Exploit others
Express disdain for others
Jealous / envious
Unable to maintain long term relationships
Fragile self esteem
Appear unemotional
Attention seeking

They are shallow and totally self absorbed and their actions are intended to achieve their own aims alone. Whatever they do, they do it for themselves or in the belief that it will benefit them. They see others as tools to be used for their gain and their children are simply possessions like we see a TV set or a car. They are incapable of empathy, feel no remorse ever and their actions demonstrate this.

They are extremely good and convincing actors and expert manipulators, crazy makers and pathological liars. They have no capacity for empathy. They lie even when they have nothing to gain by it. They leave a trail of destruction where they go and leave anyone unlucky enough to have been involved with them with debts, a broken heart and bewilderment and wondering what hit them. They are never at fault and blame others for anything and everything that does not go right!

They project, that is to say they will project onto you or someone else, their own shortcomings and accuse you of the evil acts they, themselves have committed. Everything negative they do or are the cause of will be blamed on you and they will tell whoever will listen the details of whatever you are blamed for and how awful it is to be with such a horrible person as you. People will believe him and you will not know about it till its too late.

They become expert at mimicking emotions whilst unable to experience these themselves and then convincingly act them out and use them for manipulation. They are capable of loving anyone despite brilliant at convincing you they are.

They attempt to make you sympathetic towards them using stories of an abusive childhood, a wicked ex, terminally ill relative or anything they can think of that might stir your emotions

Although some sociopaths undoably do kill people, most do not. However, they do lie, cheat and steal while maintaining the appearance of model citizens with graces and unpredictable behavior in social situations. They are really convincing actors.

They often choose professions such as police, doctors, lawyers, cult leaders, military, entertainers, business men, social workers, politicians, etc. professions of power and control. If they break the law, they rarely get sentenced and therefore do not go to prison. They are just as evil, manipulative, callous and abusive as the average psychopathic serial killer but their intelligence, social skills and faked charm keep them out of reach of the authorities and the courts so they are not brought to justice.

Have you ever been involved with someone who, at first, is very charismatic and charming and exciting to be with? Did they appear to be intelligent, solvent and successful? Who bombarded you with compliments, gifts and attention? Did their actions reflect honesty, sincerity and generosity? Did they appear to be successful in their job or career? Even providing credentials to “prove” it? Did they seem too good to be true?

Did you then start to see strange things about him that did not quite add up? Inconsistencies and conflicting statements and when asked about these he will not give you a satisfactory answer and accuse you of being distrustful and paranoid?

Did they maintain a fixed look at you when talking? Did they encourage you to isolate yourself from friends and family? Did they declare undying love very quickly and want to get married or move in together?

These are all early warning signs and anyone who sees them in someone they are getting involved with should be very careful.

It is estimated that 1 to 4% of the population suffers from one of these disorders, that is 1 to 4 in every hundred people. The majority being male. It therefore goes without saying that a great many children are born to these people.

Having children with these people will almost certainly lead to years of problems and issues without the sociopath decides to abandon the child.

By far the best income for the child is if the mother is left alone to cope and bring up her family by herself. The worst, on the other hand, would be if he decides to use the child / children as weapons in order to perpetrate abuse in a continuous and ongoing battle. Also it is more likely the child could turn out to be a sociopath as well due to the sociopath parent trying to create a “mini me”.

Sociopaths are indeterminate to the welfare of children, including their own and see them as an inconvenience. Neglect often places children at risk and babies are left alone, with strangers or inappropriate people. They are not fed or clothed neatly.

It often appears to people on the outside that the sociopath takes good care of his children while they are really manipulating them for their own purposes or using them as tools to perpetrate abuse, for financial or other gain. Often certain behavior is required or certain achievements but these are for the benefit of the sociopath not the child. Children will have no concept of what is normal due to the inevitable emotional abuse infliced ​​on them.

The sociopath will deliberately try to corrupt a child through inappropriate and dangerous activities, such as pornography.

Many sociopaths appear to be respectable, and find it easy to convince family courts that they are good parents and should have all parental rights.

Courts seem receptant to accept that a parent may be a sociopath and is dangerous to the child. The healthy parent who is forced into a co-parenting arrangement with a sociopath can expect to be abused.

For the sake of mental health, maintaining as little contact as possible is paramount, modifying the bare minimum of information about the child with the disputed ex-preferably by e-mail. If the child must be delivered for contact, the parent should be accompanied or should ring the doorbell and then wait in the car.

The sociopath should never be allowed into the home for any reason and should not be given any information about the family. The sociopath father will try to hurt the mother through the children and she should document everything that happens.

BASIC RULE – might help to lesser abuse:

No contact – do not talk to him / her on the phone, do not send, open or reply to mail, no messaging or texts, no cards, letters or packages

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How To See Yourself More Than The Mental Illness

Keeping your head on correctly is not the easiest thing to do in this world. If it were, there probably would be no reality tv, individuals with no clear talent would not be making millions, and career politicians with no spain would be elected. And who the hell invented twerking anyway?

All of these elements in our culture are difficult to make sense of. But there are 3 things that can keep us all sane … especially since if you have a mental illness like me.

1st, have a focus of trying to improve some part of our life daily. I do this because there was a time when I felt there was no hope or future for myself. Having schizo-affective disorder is very much like schizophrenia in that you hear “voices” that are always there and you tend to have the impulse to isolate yourself. So, inevitably I lost a great deal of social skills and really considered ending my life. However, deep down I wanted to live which meant that I had to work on myself if I wanted to stay alive-literally! And this lead me to finding ways to look at the positives within my life and search for opportunities to improve. Keep in mind that no one will do this for you.

2nd, We need to develop systems for our lives. You wondering what a system is? And what's the difference between routines and systems? Routines are things you've told yourself you must do in order to achieve or maintain some goal. It does not grow or evolve.

A system is a group of things you do that you've told yourself you must complete but not for a specific goal. It is a process for your own higher good. The system grows and evolves with you. It's a never ending process.

3rd, I do not know about you but I have not mastered accepting things as they are without me still trying to force things on myself from time to time. This is not an easy task where I am concerned. I used to silently think that my way of doing things was not only for me but for the ones I loved as well. However, my results always seemed to develop differently than planned no matter how hard I pushed. Ahh, life.

Of course this happens to all of us. The future is never set and plans never turn out the way you think they will. Not to mention, if you have a mental illness it's worse because if we get a symptom free day we get thought up into thinking that if we just replicate the same thing over again, the next day will be just like the last. Never works this way, ever.

Personally, I had to accept the unpredictability of having a psychotic episode or symptom triggers at any time even though I have not had a break in many years. My life now is not what it was. I have new limitations but with those limits I also developed new strengths that I thought I never had. You have strengths too. Seek them out.

Try these suggestions in your own life. See if you can find some part of yourself that you want to improve and do it!

Think about developing a system instead of just a boring routine that does not give back to you.

Finally, work at accepting who you are now … not who you were. I still struggle with this from time to time yet, if you look closely, there is a silver lining in all this. Maybe, you're more of a risk taker now. Maybe, you're more direct and honest when you speak to people. Or, like me, you've learned a hell of a lot more about yourself through all this madness.

Just remember, the world will always be irrational and we are all trying to adapt to it as best we can. Your interpretation is just as valid as anyone else so cut yourself some slack. Talking chatter in your head or thinking what you might believe to be strange thoughts is par for the course for us. You know this.

Besides, if you truly work at accepting things as they really are the mental health circles and the general public are not going to haul you off to the “loopy house” just because you see the world the way it really is. You're not Galileo and this is not the 16th century any longer. Be brave. You do not have to be afraid to be yourself no matter how insane this world gets …

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