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Remarkable People

Every week I meet hundreds of remarkable people. Many know they are remarkable, some the world knows are remarkable, but unfortunately most do not yet know that the have potential to be remarkable.

Each of us has the opportunity and ability to live fulfilled, passionate lives. Inside us is the potential for achieving success, success as defined and created by our own initiative, interest, intellect, and action.

A personal coach can help you define and achieve the life you desire. Through reflection, provocation, guidance, and accountability your coach can help you become the remarkable person you are destined to become.

If you have demons shouting scripts into your ears, from inside your head, this is not meant as a substitution for therapy or medication. The suggestions here are meant to augment your existing regimen and are meant to make you uncomfortable. From the depths of depression or despair, self-pity raises up and attempts to drag you down. The surest defense against overwhelming and melancholy is to be of service to others. Having a purpose, other than yourself, is a motivation to get up and get on with your day.

All of life is series of small steps, small steps, side steps, a larger step, a backward stumble and dozens of more smaller steps until you arrive at the destination – joy.

Ask yourself – “when I think of someone who could use my help, what name jumps out?”. Be honest, you got a flash, an answer that intuition and karma are calling you towards. Accept that name and ask a second question. “What is the least I can do to be of service to them?” Today's least might be too big a step to undertake but by breaking the task into bite size pieces you will not bite off more than you can chew.

Imagine that you heard here as an answer to the first question and invite him for Sunday dinner was the action. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of planning, preparing, serving and entertaining for a big dinner there may still be a way to be of service and build towards a dinner in a couple of months.

Can you do some baking; everyone has favorite cookies and then call Tom and make a delivery. In this scenario you control the situation and timeline, you reduce the effort but you still add value to someone you is waiting for your assistance (even if they do not know it is you). The act of thinking about someone else, considering their circumstances, pressing forward and finding a way to make a difference and then acting on it is life fulfilling. You are a better person for your action, you will feel better (not perfect) and Tom will have a glimmer of hope in every delicious morsel.

Baking is not the solution to all problems (it just looks like it should be) and when you answer the who and how questions you will likely end up with a different approach. The process of making it bite size is successful when you are honest with yourself.

Write the preferred goal (what you imagined was your call) on the left hand side of a page – Feed Tom Sunday Dinner. On the left side write, honestly where you are today (your current state) Feeling Overwhelmed. Between the two columns begin creating a list of steps that will get you from today to the preferred future. Bake, call Tom, buy lunch, have coffee, arrange a date, grocery shopping, plan a meal, find recipes, prepare food, clean house, purchase wine … As your list grows you can begin with. Lets use Call Tom and Bake. Place Call Tom of the right side of the paper and your current state (feeling unprepared) on the right. What are the steps in between? Look up Tom's number, think about what I want to say, write some notes for the conversation, pick a time, dial the phone, let him know you care …

The process can continue creating a micro plans that will be the first step to your today's action.

As I am sure you recognize this s chrono wash, rinse, repeat pattern that can be applied to almost all areas of your life.

The two takeaways – think of someone else and act to serve them.

Breathe and Be Better,


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Helping Those With PTSD!

Paramedics, policemen, firemen, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, army personnel all suffer from PTSD at some point in their careers. Learn what this organization is doing to help those affected with PTSD to get them back on their feet. Let’s be proactive and help those who need us the most.

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How Volunteering Is Mutually Beneficial

Sharing your time and talent by volunteering for your community is as beneficial to you as it is for the people you are helping. Aside from expanding your social circle and doing a good deed, does not it just feel good to help someone else? Volunteering can be one of the most personally rewarding experiences you can have, and the best part is, you are helping make the world a better place.

Realize your intrinsic value by serving others

Countless celebrities and people of material importance who seem to “have it all” get to a point in their lives where they realize they must give back to be fulfilled personally. Helping one another is a deep human purpose, yet you do not need to be rich and famous to make a difference. By volunteering, you raise your self-worth by satisfying a basic calling among humankind.

No good deed is ever too small

Making a positive impact in society does not need to be on a global scale. Everyone has things within their own community that they would like to improve or help out with. When you choose to volunteer your time, talent and energy to better something within your own community, your self-esteem will sky rocket, you'll help others, and you'll improve your own surroundings.

Social Rewards from Volunteerism

Getting involved in a community cause which you are passionate about allows you to meet people with shared interests and values ​​that you might not otherwise run into at work or socially. It's a great way to expand your network of friends or even professional contacts that may benefit you in the future.

Expand your horizons

You may not have the opportunity to develop new skills or try different things due to job or money constraints. Volunteering is a great way to try your hand at something you've always wanted to do, or even expound on a skill you would otherwise only do as a hobby.

Develop leadership skills

What better way is there to boost to your self-esteem than to take responsibility for a project, organize other volunteers, and make something happen? You may even be able to use your success as a leader on a volunteer project on your resume, and in future professional endeavors. Many of our youth are finding volunteerism helping them with college enrollment and to improve their resume when looking for that first job.

There are many reasons to become a volunteer. So get out there and do some good – for your community and yourself.

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Healthy and Efficient Brain Power

As a total health nut, cyclist and trail runner (just below Ironman Level Class), I am often asked; “Sure, anyone can get their body into great shape if they have the time to exercise and eat a good diet, but what about your brain How does one improve their cognitive function and raise their IQ?” Well, we are told that your genetics determine your upper-end IQ, but if you want to get to all that and improve your cognitive function, I'd suggest a few supplements that I currently take. Let's talk.

You see I recommend the following supplements:

– Ginkgo Biloba
– Ginseng
– Chromium Picolinate
– Dong Quai

For brain supplements – they work great. Recently, I read an old article in Consumer Advisory Online titled; “Brain Supplement Reviews Buyer's Guide 2015 – How to Buy Brain Supplements Online,” which stated:

“Consumer Advisor Online does not often review nutritional supplements, but since we have received dozens of requests for our opinion on the new brain and memory nootropics supplement craze sweeping the nation, we decided to weigh in and help demystify this so-called 'wonder pill '.

We started hearing the buzz when Daytime TV Doctors, started touting these new pills that improve concentration, memory recall, focus, mental clarity and energy. And though we love the good Doctor and his purple gloves, we do not love the droves of hucksters who prey on his loyal viewers trying to make a quick buck, often selling low-grade versions of his medical discoveries. So, we searched over 38 popular brands being sold both online and in retail stores. We are going to sing like a canary about; What THEY do not want you to know! ”

This all makes perfect sense to me. Not long ago, a friend asks; “When I googled best brain supplements, this article came up. I am curious as to what you think because it does not mention any of the products that you recommend that I take.”

Well these are combo supplements with many ingredients and I wonder if that is the best approach. For instance, Ginseng – stabilizes blood flow and increases adrenaline, which is not only a brain thing, but without good blood flow, the brain does not do well, and helping it get oxygen helps. Ginkgo Biloba is known by Eastern Medicine to help with brain memory, I am surprised the article did not mention it at all. Same with the other one I mentioned. The Chromium Picolinate has always been considered a good brain supplement.

This article looks to be using research that has specific enzymes or proteins flipping switches of genes known to help the brain. Who is to say that the recommendations I mentioned Do not contain some of that naturally, rather than going directly with exact or specific thing achieving the same results? I've got to research this more, it is interesting, even if I do not trust internet crap in magazines much. I will have to look into the cited studies more.

Do not know more than what I've studied in the past, just know that my brain out performances everyone else's for some strange reason. Could be the running, cycling, sex, sleep, and attitude, personal formatting to reward my brain for problem solving and piquing my brain chemicals in any challenge presented?

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The Abyss

In today’s headlines, much attention is given to police incidents in which the ranks of police forces are said to include those who are fascinated with the use of firearms. Similarly, it is sometimes said that the ranks of firefighters include those who are fascinated with sparking fire. Yet, rarely do we hear about physicians who have a fascination with pills and potions, or the profits they can reap by prescribing them.

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Finding the Right Therapist for You

Searching for a right therapist is like searching for the right pair of jeans. It can get frustrating and tiring, but when you finally do, the discovery is more than worth it. It doesn’t matter what modality your therapist uses, be it counseling, psychotherapy, expressive therapy, hypnotherapy or assessments, you need to find someone whom you can trust, someone with whom you are comfortable enough to share your feelings and deepest thoughts.

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8 Tips To Manage Stress

Numerous factors, big or small, in the world may cause a person to feel stressed out. It is not a new term to come across. We as human beings often come across a stressful situation, such as a relationship issue, or death of a dear one. And it is completely normal, until and unless it allows you to carry out all your daily tasks as you normally would.

What is Stress?

Stress is nothing but how we react to different situations. While some people may remain calm, some others may get panicked and stressed due to a normal traffic, or maybe due to work pressure at job. Stress, if severe, can be problematic. You tend to adversely affect your physical health or feel dog-tired. Or you may fail to concentrate on simple things.

Neverheless, your body has a “fight-or-flight” response to such stressful situations. During this process, your body releases some hormones post receiving signals from your brain to boost your potential for responding to a possible threat. But, due to stress having become a common issue, this “fight-or-flight” response process goes recurring. This is where stress management is required, since it provides you with a sea of ​​tools to fight your stress.

Make stress management your goal that you constantly want to achieve. And do not forget to analyze your stress level from time to time. Thereafter, move on to determine what causes you to stress out.

Tips to Manage Stress

1. Notice how you feel – No two people will experience stress in exactly the same manner. Notice how you have or think when you stress and when you do not.

2. Understand the source – Pay attention to what is the triggering factor of your stress. This factor can be anything, including your relationship with your partner or spouse, your kids, your job, your financial issue, or anything else that matters to you in some way or the other.

3. Understand your way to deal with stress – Try and identify if you go unhealthy when you go stressed out. Maybe you start eating more than enough when you feel uneasy and strained. Analyze if it is your regular or specific to a specific situation only.

4. Ask for help – Choose from keeping your stress to yourself and continuing to stress or sharing it with friends and family and feeling a bit relaxed. But trust me, the latter will help you cope better with a stressful situation as compared to the former, in which case you would need to consult a professional psychologist.

5. Keep physically active – Forget not making any physical movements at all. Physical exercise of any kind is a great stress reliever. Since, the feel-good endorphins get a boost and bring an enhancement in your overall well-being.

6. Laugh more – Laughter is the best medicine. Definitely, each of your illnesses is not treatable alone by your laughter. But, it certainly helps you feel better. You feel lighter mentally. So, find humor in everything you see or experience.

7. Sleep enough – Take a proper sleep every night ie around 7-8 hours. When you sleep well, you feel well, and you react well.

8. Remind yourself – “I am special” – Do not forget to eat well and drink lots of water every day. Go for a walk, listen to music, and dance to your favorite number. Be happy. Take a break from work. Enjoy yourself. Half of your problems will disappear.

To conclude, stress may be related to a positive or a negative situation. Make sure you gauge your stress level keeping in mind both the aspects. Not suddenly, but gradually, you will learn to manage your stress in the safest and most effective manner.

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Children and Mental Health – Some Unusual Triggers

It is difficult to imagine a world without children – happiness will disappear, hope would be a far cry to all, and the very essence of living will cease to exist. Nothing would be the same in the world because it is the presence and innocence of children that makes the world worth living.

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Finding The Cure For Every Mental Health Problem

The therapeutic power of the intelligent messages we have in our dreams prove that they are not produced by our brain, since our brain is absurd. You may be surprised with this statement, but the fact that we seem to be balanced in our work or during various social occasions doesn’t mean that we are mentally healthy. We simply pretend to be reasonable, while we are mainly absurd, especially when we are alone.

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Researchers Identify Genes That Reduce Life Expectancy of People Under Stress

Stress and foul mood can be detrimental to one's health and reduce one's life expectancy. Now, scientists have identified the genes responsible for reducing the life expectancy of individuals who are always under stress and do not have a happy disposition.

The study, recently published in the Molecular Psychiatry , revealed the genetic reason of this poorly understood phenomenon. Mood and stress are known to shorten the lifespan. The researchers of the study have also identified the genes responsible for it.

The researchers of the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Scripps Research Institute, CA, undertook a multi-faceted project, researching on the genetic awards of premature aging in the presence of stress and psychiatric illness.

The researchers used human responses and a particular worm called Caenorhabditis Elegans – the most studied worm on the earth – for their research. The researchers identified a range of genes that seem to control the impact of mood and stress responses on the longevity of an organism. The reason why the researchers chose C. Elegans is that one of the co-authors, Michael Petrascheck, Ph.D., found that when the worm was exposed to an antidepressant Mianserin, it lived longer. The latest study was based on this prior knowledge.

“We were looking for genes that might be at the interface between mood, stress, and longevity. We have found a series of genes involved in mood disorders and stress disorders which also seem to be involved in longevity,” said the lead author of the study, Dr. Alexander B. Niculescu III.

Gene ANK3's key role in reducing life expectancy

The researchers zeroed in on a particular gene called ANK3 that appeared to play a key role in the process. It is a protein called Ankyrin-G which is involved in certain types of synaptic transmission between neurons. Ankyrin-G was also found to be associated with bipolar disorder, autism and schizophrenia. This gene is a vital link for unearthing the association between emotional responses and premature aging.

The researchers found that these genes changed their rates of expression with age. The genes shown a significant shift in expression in people who experienced stress or mood disorders, and also in people who had committed suicide. This shift or change is normally associated with shorter lifespan and premature aging.

Modus operandi

The researchers did a thorough research to study the role of genes in altering the mood, stress and lifespan.

  • They first investigated the genetic changes Mianserin made to C. Elegans that affected 231 genes, which were then compared to the human genome. They found at least 347 corresponding genes in humans.
  • The researchers then compared these 347 genes with the genomes of 3,577 older adults and found that 134 of them overlapped with depressive symptoms in humans.
  • They then studied the C. Elegans and tested them under the effects of Mianserin and oxidative stress. ANK3 is set to increase with age and the drug keeps these levels down. However, they found that Mianserin needs at least some ANK3 to provide its life-extending effects.
  • While studying 700 blood samples from psychiatric patients and people who had committed suicide, the researchers found higher levels of ANK3 in older patients and those who had committed suicide.
  • They collected a panel of biomarkers by adding some of the other high-scoring genes from Niculescu lab's Convergent Functional Genomics investigation. As a group, theyave an even stronger result than ANK3 on its own. The correlation was stronger for the suicide group.

Link between genes and longevity

It was revealed that the genes that overlapped most with mood- and stress-modulated longevity are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. And mitochondrial dysfunction and aging are closely linked, according to the researchers.

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Discovering The Free Psychotherapy Contained In Dreams

We receive the psychotherapy we need in our dreams because while we sleep God can send His messages to our conscience without dealing with the interviews of our terrible anti-conscience, and without dealing with the interviews of the outside world.

However, we do not want to change our behavior.

We want to keep acting the way we always do because we are influenced by our anti-conscience. We do not want to understand our mistakes. We simply want to be able to go through our day.

We do not want to believe in life after death or care about the purification of our spirit. We do not want to understand that our lives have a defect meaning.

We do not want to understand that we have to cure our psychological wounds and stop having negative reactions. We want to get rid of the negative symptoms of a mental disorder without curing the main reason why we have psychological problems.

When we take pills with the intent to stop having the symptoms caused by a mental disorder without curing our mental health problem, we avoid curing our wounds. We try to eliminate the alarms sent by our organism, without solving the psychological problems that formed the mental disorder.

Many people want to believe in the illusion presented by the idea to eliminate undesired symptoms with pills, without curing their psyche. However, psychotherapy is indispensable for everyone.

Nobody wants to change their behavior, and nobody wants to stop thinking the way they do. This is why everyone needs psychotherapy in order to stop having a negative attitude.

God sends numerous dreams to our conscience in order to convince us to follow His guidance because He knows that we do not want to change our behavior and abandon our erroneous ideas.

We believe that we can find better solutions for our problems with our stupid thoughts because we do not want to make any effort to change our behavior and stop thinking the way we do, and because we do not know how absurd and evil we are .

God must be very patient with us. Besides being ignorant, stupid, absurd, and evil, we also are arrogant and proud, as if we were geniuses.

Therefore, if you want to safely solve your psychological problems and your social problems as well, since your life always is related to many other people, you have to respect your doctor's wisdom.

You have to humble and admit your mistakes in order to become a true genius when you will stop making ridiculous mistakes, and you will attain a higher level of consciousness.

God knows what you have to do in order to stop having mental health problems, and become a mentally healthy and self-confident human being.

Your psychological problems will disappear when you will transform your personality through dream translation and you will become a sensitive and wise human being.

This is guaranteed because God is a very patient doctor. He keeps sending you messages that help you become more intelligent and learn a lot more about your dangerous reality.

Your reality is sad, and the fact that you have inherited a primitive conscience that keeps bothering you with the intention to destroy your conscience is a tragedy.

However, you have the chance to stop being a victim of this tragedy because you know the truth, and you can become a brilliant human being by obeying God's guidance in your dreams.

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What Happens in the Brain During a Panic Attack?

What Happens During a Panic Attack?

“I'll never live through this.”

“I'm losing my mind.”

“I've completely lost control.”

“There's no way I can escape.”

“Everyone will think I'm nuts.”

In the US more than 4 million people have these frightening thoughts while suffering a myriad of distressing physical symptoms. Attacks strike suddenly, with a rush of adrenaline, all occurring without any obvious sign of danger. Our automatic fight or flight reaction is triggered for no apparent reason. People who are prone to these attacks are usually extremely sensitive to physical sensations or fluctuations occurring in their body. How an individual perceives these symptoms determines their anxiety level. If you attach catastrophic thoughts to these feelings, like the ones listed above, you are very likely going to activate your fight or flight response by releasing adrenaline.

Symptoms that Commonly Occur when Panic Strikes:

  • Pounding or rapid heartbeat
  • The shakes
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Light-headedness or false
  • Vision blurred
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Flushed and / or sweating
  • Fluttering stomach or sinking feeling

What causes a panic attack? Considering these disturbing physical symptoms, it's perfectly understandable because someone might start thinking about catastrophic things being happening or about to happen. It is this kind of intense fear that drives the anxiety to become sheer panic. You may not be asking, “Am I having a panic attack or a heart attack?” You may just be focusing on your bodily sensations of panic attack chest pain and immediately assume you're suffering a heart attack.

Many people in the mid of an attack wind up in an emergency room absolutely certain something dire is coming to them. Logically, you see that you're not in any physical danger so you can only assume that something must be seriously wrong with you physically. When we focus our catastrophic thoughts on ourselves, it only fans the flame. Each thought compounds the severity of our symptoms, increasing the adrenaline rush, which just makes our physical symptoms intensify, which leads to more catastrophic thoughts, which drives you into a full on panic attack.

It is absolutely crucial that you learn to recognize the initial signs of an attack. a good habit is to keep a record of the encounters. By keeping a record or log of your attacks, you can identify what actually happens that leads up to you having a full-blown attack. This information can help you devise coping strategies that you can employ to stop a panic attack before it strikes. Utilizing your toolbox you can learn to prevent it at whatever level of anxiety you are experiencing, on a scale of 0, which is feeling calm to 10, which would be a major panic attack.

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Mental Health Conditions Induced by Substance Abuse

A mental condition can be induced by a substance use disorder as much as a person with mental illness is likely to abuse any substance. Most of the times, it is difficult to ascertain which came first. The co-occurrence of a mental health condition along with a substance abuse problem is called dual diagnosis.

Here, we take a look at some of the mental disorders which can be induced by a substance use disorder:

  1. Substance-induced delirium : Also known as delirium tremens, it is a rapid sunset of confusion that stems from alcohol withdrawal. Symptoms can last for a couple of days and the problem usually occurs when a person consumes excess alcohol and tries to quit it abruptly. People often hear voices or see things that are illusionary and not felt by others. This suggests that while quitting alcohol, one should seek expert guidance to manage withdrawal.
  2. Substance-induced persisting dementia : The symptoms of a substance-induced persisting dementia are akin to those of normal dementia. The only difference is that it is caused by the abuse of substances. A person abusing substances may have trouble with memory, personality changes, and other physical or psychological problems, just like a regular dementia patient.
  3. Substance-induced psychotic disorder : Commonly known as toxic psychosis, it is a form of substance use disorder where the symptoms are described to substance abuse. The toxins produced in the body as a result of the substance abuse affect the mind of an addict in such a manner that it results in psychotic disorder.
  4. Substance-induced anxiety disorder : Anxiety disorders can also be triggered by substance abuse and the symptoms can be equally ominous. It includes symptoms of a normal anxiety disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks or phobias. It may occur during the toxox period or during withdrawals. Symptoms should not be taken lightly, considering the fact that they are induced by substance abuse. Repercussions of not getting rented on time could land someone in the soup.
  5. Substance-induced mood disorder : Many over-the-counter (OTC) prescription medications and certain drugs are blamed for causing depression and other mood disorders. Reports of substance-induced mood disorder have been doing the rounds since since the 1950s and are long known.
  6. Hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder : Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) is a condition characterized by a continuous presence of sensory disturbances. A person using hallucinogenic substances experiences persistent changes in his perception that are most commonly visual.
  7. Substance-induced sleep disorder : Substance abuse almost always causes sleep problems in addicts. Insomnia is a definite fallout of substance abuse. A person suffering from it has difficulty in sleeping or at times tends to oversleep. The variety of sleep disorders is caused by abuse of substances.

The co-occurring disorders can be quite difficult to handle and treatment also becomes a bit of a challenge. A treatment can not be effective without both the conditions are addressed simultaneously. Merely achieving one condition without addressing the other would not yield desired results. Here, seeking help from the right treatment center at the earliest holds the key. c

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Do You Trust Your Brain?

You trust your brain more than anyone else's brain, even if you know that you are not intelligent. You believe that your brain works on your behalf and you also believe that nobody else cares more about your wellbeing than your own brain.

You believe that your thoughts help you understand the world where you are and solve your problems.

You also believe that your ego is more important than anyone else. This fact predetermines all your thoughts. Your thoughts are secret attempts to satisfy your ego.

Since you know that you have to hide from the world that your main intention always is to satisfy your ego, you pretended that you care about everyone else's wellbeing. You can not reveal your inner thoughts to anyone.

You believe that your brain is a secret tool that always has your main interests in mind and helps you survive and triumph.

However, the truth is that your brain is a very dangerous organ. Your thoughts do not help you solve all your problems the best way, in all situations.

Your thoughts cause problems because you are absurd, evil, and ignorant, and you believe in unrealistic things.

God gave you a human conscience that must be developed during your life, but your satanic anti-conscience does not let you evolve. It keeps trying to destroy your consciousness through craziness. This is why it keeps sending numerous absurd thoughts to your conscience all the time.

However, you can not understand that many thoughts that pass through your mind are not produced by your human conscience. The anti-conscience is a demon in your brain trying to transform you (the human being created by God, who lives in your conscience) into a demon too.

The anti-conscience is your violent, immoral, and cruel conscience.

You have to help God transform your satanic anti-consciousness into a positive part of your human conscience by acquiring consciousness through dream translation.

When you acquire consciousness you understand the moral implications of your actions and you control your behavior. You respect God's moral rules and you really care about the wellbeing of your community.

You stop caring about how you feel and you care about how God feels because He must transform incorrigible demons like us into perfect human beings. You understand that you have the moral obligation to attain sanctity and help God put an end to poverty and terrorism.

You stop being a selfish predator, and you become a generous and helpful human being.

While your conscience keeps listening to the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, you can not think without being misled and bothered by the demon.

This scientific discovery explains many religious mysteries, including giving you explanations for many unexplained phenomena.

Even your human conscience is deficient because it must be developed during your life thanks to your participation in this process. Your consciousness is problematic and incomplete. So, you have to learn many things in order to become more intelligent and sensitive, and develop your conscience.

You are not using the largest part of your brain to your advantage. The primitive demon that wants to kill you is using all of your brain power to generate mental illnesses within your conscience and control your behavior.

You, the human being created by God to transform the demon into a human being like you must be the one who will use all of your brain power, and not your evil self.

Until today you believed that your evil self worked on your behalf, the same way you believed that you had to trust your own brain. However, my discoveries show you that your evil self works against you, even though it pretends to help you find smart solutions.

These 'smart solutions' will make you lose your mind in the future, but this is not visible from the beginning. They are based on absurd suggestions that certainly seem to be logical conclusions.

Therefore, you can not trust your brain and you must be afraid of your evil self. All its suggestions always have the intent to destroy your conscience and control your behavior, replacing your ego.

You can trust God's wisdom in the dream messages because He is your doctor. God tries to help you fight the demon and stop being exposed to dangerous situations.

God gives you simple and clear explanations about what is happening in your brain. He helps you understand how to make, and He helps you get prepared for the future.

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The Rise of Depression and the Cannabis Response

Are you experiencing depression? If so, you are not alone and are among the millions of Americans plagued by this mood disorder. A recent article shared new statistical details about how depression in the US is on the rise.

Nearly the diagnosis of depression increased 33% between years 2011 and 2014. (1) Previously, The National Center for Health Statistics reported that antidepressant use jumped 65% in 15 years between 1999 and 2014: from 7.7% of Americans to 12.7% for those 12 and older, twice as high for women than men, and 19.1% for those 60 and older. (2)

The good news, they say, is that “universal depression screenings” are happening more routinely, and that this mood disorder is no longer in the closet: people are talking about it and treating it … with pharmaceutical drugs.

I am left to wonder why this depressive state has grown by leaps and bounds? For one thing, there's a whole lot that has changed in the world since January 1, 2000. It's enough to make anyone depressed. I probably missed something, below, but here are the examples I can recall:

  • September 11, 2001
  • The Patriot Act
  • Ongoing terrorist attacks both domestic and international
  • Mass murders at schools
  • Increasing opioid addiction and deaths
  • Multiple wars in the Middle East
  • Intense natural disasters: fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, blizzards and droughts
  • The Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011
  • The economic crisis of 2008
  • Overpriced real estate
  • Earnings that do not match the cost-of-living
  • Increased homelessness
  • The divisive presidential election of 2016 and presidency of Donald Trump

Of course, this list does not include challenging personal situations most of us experience from time to time.

Pharmaceutical companies are the big winners.

Although most of the antidepressant-package inserts warn of one or another side-effect, pharmaceutical antidepressants are the ubiquitous' go to “solution and coping mechanism for depression. are ready to do so.

Depression has been linked to increased neuro-infection. It is common knowledge now that infection is a precursor to many different disease processes.

Enter therapeutic cannabis.

Cannabis is known to reduce pollution and holds great promise in studies about depression. (3) Due to its chemical compounds, especially THC and CBD, actual healing, not just symptom masking, can occur to restore deficient parts of the brain and immune system. (4) It is non-toxic, cost-effective and has little to no side-effects whatever.

“… the team analyzed data from Strainprint, a mobile application cannabis users can use to track changes in symptoms after using different doses and cannabis chemotypes. Overall, self-reported symptoms of depression decreased by 50 percent.” (5)

So why do not more people try cannabis medicinally before heading down the pharma trail? I suggest there are three main reasons:

  • The leftover stigma promoted by the Reefer Madness movie propaganda of 1936 and subsequent 1937 Marahuana Tax Act
  • The preference to trust doctors and what they prescribe
  • A general lack of knowledge about the therapeutic, not recreational, cannabis use

A friend of mine used cannabis medicinally to help her recover from depression after nothing else worked. She said that it gave her back her life, which inspired her to share her experience with others.

As far as I can tell the multiple devastating events of this 21st century have radically changed the world from as we once knew it: disorienting at best and depressing at worst for those who know the difference. That said, I believe it is still absolutely possible to take flight from depression and remain emotionally and mentally well through it all with the assistance of responsible, therapeutic cannabis use.

The world may not change in ways we prefer but we can.


1 Olivia Goldhill, Depression diagnosis is up 33% in the US, and that's a good thing . May 14, 2018

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