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Religion, God and the Ego

Be aware of the Ego, the greatest confidence trickster and survivor in the mind. This is a self-centred world we have created where the ego or self is always involved in whatever we do. If you give an inch, it will want to take a foot. You may be perfectly happy in whatever you are doing but some smart Alex will always come up with a different plan to upset your apple cart. Yes this ego is an entity in the mind that considers death as an anathema and will do anything to survive forever and ever. Yet this entity is trapped in the Time dimension of its own creation; because when one travels in time one does not realize that, there is always a beginning and there is always an end.

Since death is considered the end, and reflects the limitation put by Time and since the ego does not want to come to an end, it projects the concept of survival after death. That is we develop this idea that we will all somehow continue to survive after death.

Thus we have created the theories of reincarnation and resurrection to enable the ego to find comfort in the belief that we will all continue to survive after death. In the reincarnation theory we are born again in a different body and in the resurrection theory we are brought back to life again in the same body.

As one can see that this universe is an awe-inspiring and timeless place. It is subject to certain physical laws which science has helped us discover. The living and the non-living are all under the influence of these laws. There is no exception to this rule. The universe reflects intelligence at work that makes our mind boggle. When we experience these forces of nature, we are humbled by its might and power where emotions and sentiments have no place at all. With our puny minds and the fears we possess we are composed into believing in the existence of a Superior Intelligence. Here begins our belief in God, Allah or Bhagwan etc.

But surely this God or Superior Intelligence can not be something personal. As one can see that when a natural disaster strikes, like a tsunami or an earthquake, if you find yourself in the wrong place and at the wrong time, whether you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or a Buddhist, it does not matter, you will be gone.

So how did we acquire a belief in a personal God, Allah, or Bhagwan etc. which most religions have as the basis for their existence? People from all over the world have some belief in a personal God which has been derived from times immemorial. Even today primitive tribunals have such beliefs. All major religions preach oneness of mankind yet the individual who holds that belief would say that his was the only one true religion and the others were all false. One will preach Allah is God and there is only one God; others will say that different religions of the world are only different paths to the same one God.

The only problem with all these beliefs is that it is dividing mankind. The world is in chaos because of our beliefs. Admittedly a belief can unite a group of people under one faith. But what happens to people who do not belong or have never heard of that belief? Surely it is a divisive process and should we be killing each other over our beliefs? Is it rational to hold such beliefs?

This raises a fundamental question. Is it possible for the ego or self to exist without a belief? The answer to this question lies in our perception of reality. The simple answer is yes. All you have to do is ask yourself, do you have to believe in the sun to enjoy the benefits from the sun? Clearly the answer is no.

So how have these belief systems become so important in our lives? If one observes carefully one will find that beliefs are used to strengthen the ego. We hide behind our beliefs. Beliefs make us feel comfortable because we do not have to think for ourselves. Beliefs give us our identity, our culture. What the ego fears most is losing its identity and culture. Here if anyone attacks our beliefs we are forced to defend and fight.

Is it not time we questioned our beliefs? In my mind there is no doubt about an existence of a Superior Intelligence or a Universal Mind but it would be very naïve indeed to give it personal characteristics and arrive at the concept of a personal God.

So how did we arrive at the concept of a personal God? When we are born, we need the protection of our parents to grow up. We are conditioned to think in terms of the Father as the provider and the Mother as the nurturer in the family. Here we always look to the father for protection and guidance. Such condition leads us to create a personalized image of this Superior Intelligence or Universal Mind which according to various religious beliefs becomes known as God, Allah, or Bhagwan etc. By making this Superior Intelligence or Universal Mind a Father figure we now have a heavenly Father who will provide, protect and guide us. Now we as children can bow in reverence and behave whatever way we want since this Father will always forgive, protect and guide us. Is it not a very comforting thought that by worshiping this deity of our own creation, we will all somehow be protected and survive death?

Clearly one can see that most people find the belief system that they use help them organize and bring comfort and meaning to their lives. But is it not a disorder of perception if a believer is willing to die and kill a fellow human who may not belong to that belief system?

In my mind to have a belief in a personal or an impersonal God, or to be a believer or a non-believer, really does not matter, because when the sun shines it shines for all of us. However since we are all trapped in time, and since we are all seeking immortality, we should be looking at our own mind for the answer and find out how we create time.

The Timeless dimension is all round us yet most of us are not even aware of it or recognize it. We get the glimpses of the Timeless dimension when the observer in the mind and what is being observed become one phenomenon. When you next go on to the mountain top or go into the bush please become aware and experience this Timeless dimension I am talking about. You can even do this while walking in the garden. You will find yourself being a part of the Universal Mind and the Universe You do not have to believe what I say. Use your power of perception, insight and awareness to find out for yourself what I am talking about.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention or a Cure?

Recently PBS aired a program on Alzheimer's research that I watched with great interest. As a lecturer and author, I've been asked for years if there will ever be a cure or a way to prevent Alzheimer's disease? My answer is always short and not so sweet; prevent? yes, cure? no. The title of the program was “Alzheimer's-Can It Be Stopped?” Not cured, stopped. Just so we all understand each other, I'll remind you that I am not a clinician. I certainly understand the clinical side of this insidious disease as I had the opportunity to meet and talk with researchers, geriatric psychiatrists, geneticists and neurologists, including a couple that were featured in this PBS Program.

One of the things I think is so valuable about a quality documentary like this is that you're going to gain insight into this illness directly from those that are in the trenches as caregivers or sufferers. Hearing someone struggling with this disease say things like “I forget and I can not trust what I remember” or when asked, “how many children do you have?” they answer “I do not know, it's just not in there” is sobering to say the least; and it only gets worse.

What has come from all the research over the years is the established fact that the amyloid plaques and neurofibulary tangles are the diagnostic signal of Alzheimer's. What many do not know is that when you start to notice some of those tell tale early signs, it's not a new development as the pathology has been at work for up to twenty years. Believe it or not, that's the good news. Tests can reveal the plaques and tangles in patients in their forties or fifties but you may not notice any symptoms for another 20 years or so. Therefore, if scientists can find a way to reduce the dangerous amyloid plaques then possibly they can prevent the disease or at least reduce it's impact; not cure it. In the PBS program, they describe amyloid as the “trigger” as it attacks the outside of the brain neurons and the tau protein that makes up the tangles as the “bullet” as it attacks the neurons from the inside.

There are a number of research companies working on trying to find ways to reduce the plaques in the brain and they discussed some rare encouraging results of their trials but there's a long way to go. Even the researchers referred to the word “cure” as a strong word and I think is was also telling that the word “cured” was used only during the entire program. One of the most successful trials to date will not be completed until 2020 and during that time these dedicated scientists will be in a constant learning curve. It's easy to be an impatient caregiver but if anything takes time, it's drug trials. We need to remember that the purpose of a drug trial is to learn. Will this drug cause swelling of the brain? Will this drug cause death? How severe will any and all side effects be?

I first became a student of this illness and its effects over 15 years ago. Whenever the question of “when will there be a cure or a way to prevent Alzheimer's?” came up, the answer across the board was always “in about 10 years.” As I said, that was 15 years ago and at this writing there is nothing imminent on the horizon. I know for a fact, that in the last 15 years, science has had more than it's fair share of failures and rather than get frustrated on behalf of all of those caregivers and their afflicted loved ones, I remain optimistic. The impact of Alzheimer's is too big to ignore andides I'm reminded of that famous saying of Thomas Edison. “I did not fail, I just learned a thousand ways to do it wrong.”

If you have any questions email me at . Remember, join the journey.

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Accepting It’s Time to Make the Transition

Here and June had been together for 64 remarkable years. They met when he was a Midshipman at The Naval Academy and she was completing nursing school. It was a blind date and two weeks after they met he proposed and she accepted. To this day she'll tell you she has no idea why she said yes. Two years later, they were married and off to Pensacola, Florida so he could participate in Naval Flight Training. Three children, 30 moves and twenty five years later the Captain and his bride settled into a beautiful home that they literally built together in Florida, near his last duty station.

The next chapter of their life together turned out to be everything they hop it would. Plenty of golf for him, plenty of church and community involvement for her and of course lots of time for their children, grand children and great grandchildren.

It's no secret that there's no cure for aging and it came as no surprise to anyone that, as the years ticked off, they are began to slow down. What no one had anticipated however was the toll the dementia he developed would take on his bride and his children. Suddenly they all found themselves in a very steep learning curve as they tried to understand what was happening and why as well as how to deal with it. This tall, dark, handsome and accomplished Naval Officer that once flew for the Navy in Korea and ran Air Operations on two different Aircraft Carriers, now needed help to navigate to the bathroom. More importantly, she was now using her nursing skills in a way she had never imagined. The bigger problem though is that she's now 87 and caring for him on a one on one basis was putting her in arms way.

The idea of ​​”breaking up the set” was unimaginable. Unimaginable until everyone realized that June was about to become one of those 30% of “at home caregivers” that pre-decease the people they are caring for. Theirs was an unselfish love and that's why when I asked her if she thought he would be OK with her putting herself at risk for him she quickly answered no. I also received a number of telephone calls from the children who needed to understand that The Captain had reached a level of care that mom could no longer accommodate and it was time to transition him into a more supportive environment. For the 91 year old Naval veteran that meant a dedicated environment for those with Alzheimer's dementia. With the help of her children, June did her homework and found a wonderful community for her husband. As you can imagine, it was a difficult adjustment for her as that house they actually built together suddenly became very big and very empty. However, she quickly realized that she did not have to worry about him if she was not near by, that she could have rejoined some of her church committees and did not have to worry about him every time she left the room. She could go shopping with her daughters and grand daughters, in short, her quality of life improved and so did his. In those early days after the transition, she would make it a point to visit him every day and feel sad when she left him. Then she learned how much fun he was having participating in the many special activities and getting all the care and attention from the staff that appeared to love him as much as she did. Sadly, The Captain got to “Rest His Oars” in May, 2014.

Making the decision to transition a loved one from home to either a dedicated community for Alzheimer's care or a nursing home is not an easy one to make. Reminding yourself that your loved one will be receiving a quality of care that they could never receive at home and that your quality of life improves as well, should help with the decision.

Questions? Please email me at

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The American Mindset and the Tragedy of Guns in Its Society

It seems that everyone and his dog owns at least one gun in the USA. The culture is framed around them. People openly display them in streets and kids are trained to use them from an age when they are barely out of nappies. The question is why? This is the one country outside of the East that has more deaths from terrorists and more massacres than any other. While the major love guns and reply to surrender to common sense they are literally killing themselves.

If they protect anyone then where is the evidence? If they are so good for people then why is the USA in mourning for yet another massacre, this time the worst ever?

How many in the Orlando nightclub were able to fire on the shooter before he took the lives of some 49 people and injured many more? NONE. How many shot back when a killer entered a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012? NONE. How many shot back and stopped a gun wielding maniac killing 20 small children and six adults at Sandy Hooke Elementary School in December 2012? NONE.

The argument is weak and stupid when presented as a reason for the assault weapons to be on display and sold to anyone who turns up wanting one. It would not matter if the guy has 2 heads, or acts a lunatic in front of them a sale is a sale and a weapon will change hands.

Those who stand by the right to own guns and who oppose any move to change the laws are unable to appreciate the extreme danger Americans are in as a result. One day the tables may turn and they may see a degree of common sense in what some in their country are trying to do. That is make people safer by banning sale of these weapons and getting rid of them out of the community.

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The Mental Health of Illegal Migrants in Detention Centers

Australia has solved the problem of illegal migration by stopping the boats and locking up those who made it here in detention centers offshore. The trouble this has created is buried behind a veil of confidentiality put in place by a government that hides its activities by declaring them against the national interest. It is an argument wearing very thin on people who are getting a hint of what the victims of its policies are doing to these poor people.

It's true that they are given the choice of returning to their homeland at the cost of the government prepared to fly them back. Now the detention center set up in New Guinea on Manus Island has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court in that country and it has been opened to allow the inmates freedom to roam the country.

The problems it has delivered are not well publicised for obvious reasons. There are reports of women being raped and of former inmates being extremely unhappy with their new surroundings. Chief among these is the lack of jobs and an accessibility to 'fit in' with the society.

One can not judge why these people left Indonesia where they were 'safe'. It is not in a war zone yet they got onto leaky old boats that they paid smugglers to provide and made a harrowing trip across the ocean. Over the course of several years there have been numerous deaths as a result.

In retrospect it became a lucrative and easy business for the smugglers who often enrolled victims from relatives in the streets of Australia's capital cities. The route had been well traveled by them beforehand and now they were encouraging others to join them. It was not about freedom or threats of war or violence but simply about a life-style they could not get anywhere else – at least that is the message given out by the government.

No one can judge them for their sight but one wonders about the mental health of those who started out to live in a free society and ended up in jail for years on end.

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The Relationship Between Sanctity And Sound Mental Health

Now that I already showed you that you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience that must be eliminated through consciousness you can understand why you have to attain sanctity, but you cannot accept this necessity.

You still cannot believe that you have to become a perfect human being in order to be mentally healthy, and you disagree with the fact that you are absurd and evil.

This happens because you are ignorant, you believe in unrealistic concepts, and your anti-conscience doesn’t let you realize the bitter truth, but you believe that you are able to understand if you are evil or not.

You don’t believe that your thoughts are rudimentary and ridiculous. You believe that you are intelligent.

Wish you really were intelligent, but the fact that you have inherited a huge satanic anti-conscience that thinks based on absurdity and evilness means that you are idiotic. Even your tiny human conscience is deficient because it is one-sided and underdeveloped.

What I’m showing you is more than unpleasant, but I wouldn’t give you this lesson if it wouldn’t help you find sound mental health and authentic happiness.

I have to show you how idiotic you are to help you understand that you must care about developing your conscience, so that you may become more intelligent.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust your own thoughts because you are ignorant, idiotic, absurd, and evil.

I know that you cannot agree with the idea that you cannot trust your own thoughts. You don’t understand what I mean when I tell you that many thoughts that pass through your mind are sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience.

However, I have the moral obligation to show you that many of your thoughts are illogical. These thoughts are attempts to mislead you.

You don’t want to believe that you cannot trust your own judgment, and you feel lost when you think about this matter.

However, you don’t think alone. Your wild conscience thinks in parallel with your human conscience, and sends you numerous absurd thoughts.

You are the poor human being concentrated into your tiny conscience, but you also are your huge evil self, concentrated into your satanic anti-conscience. You are more a demon than a human being because your anti-conscience is huge and your conscience is only a spot, but God can help you become stronger than your anti-conscience.

You will understand what I’m talking about when you will translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation and you will verify that many of your thoughts are not really yours.

God’s mental health treatment in your dreams will help you stop being controlled by the demon that lives in your brain, generating mental illnesses through absurd thoughts.

Evilness and absurdity are synonyms. This is why evil thoughts generate absurdity.

When you will eliminate the demon and you will stop being mentally ill, and you will desire to attain sanctity. You will verify the importance of goodness.

Then, you will understand why you couldn’t understand how evil you were before being cured. You have to be cured in order to evaluate your level of consciousness and understand what mental health really is.

You live in a cruel world ruled by idiotic vampires who merely pretend to be human. You need many explanations and lessons in your dreams in order to understand your reality and learn how to protect your mental health, so that you may abandon your wild nature and evolve.

You can become a genius and attain sanctity. You can save the world from despair and misery and transform your reality.

God will help you understand how to attain sanctity. You will verify that only sanctity can put an end to evilness, craziness, and terror.

All your dreams help you pass through an important process of transformation.

Through dream translation based on the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me you will eliminate the demon that lives in your brain, and become a brilliant human being.

You will save humanity thanks to your example and your work. God will help you find effective solutions for the human race that will be based on goodness and wisdom.

You will discover your hidden talents and skills, and become a very important person.

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Police Encounters With the Mentally Ill

The mentally ill and police encounters have risen dramatically in the last few decades. Mentally ill people in crisis are increasingly being sent to jails both pre-booking and post-booking rather than emergency rooms. The police often do not recognize the red flags of mental illness. Long waits in emergency rooms, lack of insurance for mental illness and decreasing psychiatric beds all contribute. EMT, police, sheriff, fire fighters responding to domestic abuse do not recognize the subtleties of the different mental illnesses and thus jails are becoming de facto mental institutions. Prison guards are certainly not trained to treat mental illnesses. This applies as well to the homeless who become aggressive to the public.

Deinstitutionalization of the chronic cases between 1960 and 1980 has flooded the streets of medium and large cities with seriously mentally ill patients. Access to psychiatrists is nearly impossible by private insurers, HMO's and the medically indigent adults who do not qualify for Medicaid has become epidemic. Only Medicare makes psychiatric care readily available.

20% of arrests involve the mentally ill leading to hundreds of thousands in jails on a given day in this country.

A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM 2016; 374: 170-1703) highlights Miami-Dade county in Florida. For some reason this county has among the highest rates of mental illness in its population, nearly 9%. With the advent of play-acting scenarios and education of police the number of mentally ill folks in Miamie-Dade county DAILY has dropped form 7000 to 4000 daily. Contributing to this improvement are increasing diversion programs to emergency rooms and to short-term psychiatric placement and board and care homes. However, those available must at the very least have Medicaid. Florida, however, has opted out of expanded Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act .. In Florida this has led to 500,000 people in MIA status and do not qualify for these diversion programs and placement in acute or chronic facilities.

In a New York Times article (April 1, 2014) Albuquerque is one of the worst cities regarding police shootings involving the mentally ill. A case is reported of a psychotic homeless person ending up shot dead. The outrage to this case has led to lawsuits both private and public and criminal as well winding through the courts.

Most suicides are committed by people with either major depression disorder or bipolar disorder (affective disorders) with co-persistent substance abuse or personality disorders. Officers confronting such people in crisis must be able to recognize and de-escalate their response.

So, what happens when someone with a pre-existing mental condition is incarcerated for short periods of time or given long sentences (many years) for minor or major felonies.

In 1995 a judge in a law suit found “that the standard of mental health care in California's overcrowded prison was so low as to be unconventional and ordered that mental care for all of California's prisons be place under independent control.” It was in response to this 1995 finding that the Lindsay Hayes study was mandated and in January of this year found little change.

Particularly alarming as reported in the Guardian in May of 2016 was an alarming increase in suicides at a California Institution for Women (CIT) in San Bernadino County. During an 18-month period from 2014 to 2015 there were four suicides and at least 20 suicide attempts at tha CIW. In comparison three suicides were recorded in the previous 14 years.

In that same 18 month period only nine women were sent for emergency care due to suicide risk. But over 400 cases were placed on suicide watch. Suicide watch Consistent of being placed in solitary confinement with no windows until no longer felt to be a threat risk. Some of the above suicides occurred within days of being released from judicial.

Although suicides in male prisoners far outweigh females the rate for males has gone down because the early release program for males has accelerated faster than for women.

As far as homelessness a unique collaboration between over 30 news outlets including news, TV and radio during the month of June will involve daily reporting of homelessness in San Francisco. This is the first time such a collaboration has switched news from just reporting to advocating solutions to the State Legislature for homelessness (except for editoriales). There are about 6000 homeless in San Francisco with attendant a health problems, economic problems and a blight on the city. As I visit the City by the Bay I see homelessness, trash and the smell of urine pervasive in the most visited tourist locations. I no longer recommend out of state or out of country friends to visit San Francisco. They would be better served by visiting Vancouver, BC

That is a personal feeling. The deluge on the populace of San Francisco by these news organizations culminating in June 29 observations and advocacy for solutions is well discussed in the New York Times article of May of this year.

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How To Become A Mentally Healthy Individual

Your conscience is lazy because it is underdeveloped and one-sided. God could not fully develop it without your participation because you have to think by yourself. He developed one and a half psychological function from the four psychological functions available to you (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition) according to human standards.

However, the largest part of your brain is occupied by your satanic anti-conscience, which does not let you evolve. This primitive conscience is still working in your brain. It does not want to evolve and change its behavior and it keeps influencing your mind and behavior.

Your anti-conscience is a demon and it wants to live in terror. This is why it generates terrible mental illnesses within your conscience, which make you become cruel and more absurd.

This means that the development of your consciousness is a big challenge. You have to learn a lot more, while you also have to combat the misleading thoughts sent to your conscience by your anti-conscience.

You also have to combat the misleading impositions of the commercial world and understand that sound mental health and wisdom are more important than money.

God shows you in your dreams and in your religion that you have to become a superior human being instead of having a sinful behavior. You theoretically agree with God, believing that you would really feel better if you were a better person, but into practice you do not want to change your behavior.

You believe that you have to be selfish and think about your interests. You want to satisfy your ego. You want to be strong. You want to be informed and envied.

You sincerely pretended to be honest and care about everyone else's wellbeing.

Your idiotic attitude does not let you understand that it would really be much better for you if you would do exactly what God shows you in your dreams and in your religion.

Even if you will live like a king or a queen, your underdeveloped conscience will remain in the same low conscious level. Your spirit will remain evil.

You will never understand the importance of sanctity.

In order to attain higher consciousness you must purify your spirit. You will never find authentic happiness without goodness and wisdom.

On the other hand, you will never stop being exposed to craziness and terrorism if you will think based on the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

You depend on sanctity in order to stop being a demon and attain a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, nothing can be better for you than attaining sanctity and spiritual perfection.

The material pleasures you can have do not help you evolve. The false information of the world misleads you with false promises because you are everyone's customer. You must pay attention to your dangerous reality and respect God's wisdom in order to avoid being imprisoned into the labyrinth of craziness.

The development of your conscience depends on the cultivation of goodness in your heart. You must combat mental illnesses by having the right attitude instead of doing what your absurd anti-conscience is imposing to your conscience, and instead of repeating the known mistakes of your one-sided conscience.

The right attitude is the peaceful and wise attitude that God shows you in your dreams.

You have to become a hero rather than being a lazy coward. This is the only way through which you can become a mentally healthy human being and completely develop your conscience.

You have to obey God's guidance in your dreams because you are ignorant and there are too many problems in your dangerous reality that you can not see with the knowledge you have.

Fortunately, today you can understand God's guidance in your dreams thanks to my simplifications. So, you can do what is necessary in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience and become a superior human being.

You will become a mentally healthy individual, even if today you have a severe mental illness. God's treatment makes miracles because God is very patient and He gives you too many explanations and lessons in your dreams.

At a certain point He manages to convince you to do what is necessary in order to solve your problems and become a better person. At that point you finally evolve, and you are able to attain a higher level of consciousness and understand the importance of sanctity. You change your behavior. You become calm, patient, humble, sincere, and generous.

God's mental health treatment in your dreams helps you surpass your historical time and also many other historical times of the future. Thanks to this alternative, you can attain a higher level of consciousness even though you belong to the barbarous modern civilization, which is as cruel as all the barbarous civilizations of our long history.

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Best Ways To Help People With PTSD

PTSD patients report that sometimes they are suffering from uncontrollable anxiety, sleepless nights, and unrealistic dreams by nature. This can lead to short-term memory loss, which may cause long lasting psychological issues. It is recommended to treat the victim as early as possible in order to avoid complications. When it is confirmed that the affected person is behaving in a dangerous way, it is important to address the issue so the victim will no longer be affected by the tragic event.

Diagnosing PTSD

The first step is to make an appointment with a medical expert who can diagnose the problem thoughtfully and determine the patient's state of mind. The practitioner will understand the symptoms and will decide the course of action effectively.

There are situations where the symptoms can go unnoticed for several weeks or even months. Also there are circumstances where the victim has recovered within 6 months, meaning that there is a lot of variance that comes with handling PTSD.

Steps to Take to Help Someone with PTSD

When a friend or family member has PTSD, there are a few ways to help. Primarily, it is important to express love for the person affected and show them the good things in life in some way or another. Sometimes it is useful to talk to this person directly about the problem. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may be possible to relate them of stress through conversation. Otherwise, talking to the victim as if he or she did not have PTSD is an effective way to help the victim maintain his or her sanity. Supportive behavior like this can sometimes be enough to help a sufferer return to a healthy mental state. Positive energy is also important, although do not overdo things if the resulting effect is negative. Recommend certain relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are also possible strategies when dealing with a PTSD victim.

If money shortages occurs when trying to pay for medical expenses, start a fundraising campaign by spreading awareness about the effects of PTSD.

In order to help the victim assimilate a normal life again, conduct family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, or club conferences so as to show love and affection through many other people. It is important to note, however, that this could backfire if it reminds the afflicted individual about any events from their past that could possibly contribute to the current problem.

Finally, show support or spread awareness using printed shirts, caps, events, campaigns, and so on. In recent times, people have started using a unique tool to for spreading awareness: silicone wristbands. These are highly durable, long lasting, and suitable for people of all ages. Silicone Wristbands, especially those sold online, are available in various colors, sizes, and designs and are customizable. The main advantage of using wristbands in order to raise awareness and show support for PTSD victims is that messages can be spread to the public with ease. Using printed messages like “SUPPORT PTSD VICTIMS”, “HELP OUR PTSD FRIENDS”, and “SHOW PEACE AND HARMONY” allows the general public to learn more about the cause. Since wristbands are customizable accessories – pick a style that completes the message or anything that is appealing. Various styles and designs include embossed, debossed, dual layer, multicolored, and swirled.

Living with PTSD is not easy. Support those who are affected by PTSD and show them the beauty in life that they're missing. They will appreciate it and you might possibly save a life.

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The Suicide Club

These days, a big part of any author's job is the sales and marketing of their books. Not only do you have to pen an interesting and relevant literary work of art, but you also have to be equipped to peddle it on social media sites, and pitch it to more traditional media vendors such as radio, magazines, and TV. In short, you have to be willing to sell yourself. For me, because I was trained as a counselor where self-promotion is discouraged, even frowned upon by academia, it's a concept I've been resisted. It's felt ingenious and even unprofessional to “toot my own horn.” Especially about such a sensitive and personal subject-my own daughter's suicide. But the reality of the competitive book publishing business is that books do not sell themselves, so self-promotion is a necessary evil.

As I talk with people who are suicide survivors across the US and even in other countries, I'm astounded by how many people tell me their own stories of how their life was forever altered by the suicide of a child, a loved one, or a friend. Recently I was invited to be the monthly featured blog story for an international suicide prevention organization. The editor of their blog had lost her son to suicide just a few years ago. She began by graciously acknowledging my loss, offering her condolences, and expressing her admiration of my work for suicide prevention. Of course, I responded in kind, because there's just no way you can fail to say you're sorry when someone has lost a child in this brutal way. When you're a member of this special club, the Suicide Club, there is a certain formality that has to be observed before you can rush into business. All the members greet each other in much the same way. It's because death by suicide evokes a special kind of terror and sadness in everyone. We take a second and bow our heads to acknowledge the life-altering destruction. Kind of like when you say the pledge of allegiance-it's a small sacred moment when you stop the business of your everyday life to remove your hat, quieting your heart in memorial. We become reverent when we hear about suicide because even on our worst days, even when we're cursing our lives, somewhere deep inside we know that life is sacred and describes respect. It touches a very fundamental, instinctual law that we all know we're not to cross, and most of us can not imagine taking our own lives, or God forbid, one of our children dying in this horrible way. It's a reprehensible thought, is it not?

There's a few things that the members of the Suicide Club would like you to know. First, it's okay to talk about it with us. Everyday, very hour, and when we're first going through it-every single minute, we are thinking about our lost loved one. It's like the elephant in the room. So please, invite us to talk about it. We know the elephant is there, and if we're not up to talking about it, we'll let you know. Most days, we'd prefer to be given the chance to be understood and acknowledged by another human being who understands. Sometimes just a hug will suffice. Second, it's not our fault. Research shows that nearly 90% of suicide completes had mental illnesses such as depression that drve them to it. We know it was not our fault-most of us did everything we knew to do at the time. And if we are blaming ourselves because we were not perfect, part of our process of healing is forgiving ourselves, and we will ever get there. Thirdly and lastly, and most importantly, this is going to change us forever. We will never be the same person we once were, so do not expect us to be. It will change us-and our lives will look a lot different after than before. Some changes will be for the worse (my partner tells me I do not laugh as easily anymore), and some will be for the better (I'm now very tuned-in to others' pain). Just remember that what we went through did not make us too fragile to be talk about it, and it does not mean we're guilty. It means we looked soberly into the face of death. Once you have looked there … your soul needs time to rearrange itself. It needs long periods of silence and aloneness, it needs times of throwing rocks and shouting at God (without feeling bad about it), and it needs to scream inside until you finally go hoarse. All that could take quite awhile. So if you're not a member of The Suicide Club, please, be patient with those of us who are.

If you are a member of this dreadful club, I take my hat off to you, and bow my head in reverence for you. I embrace you, and tell you from the bottom of my broken mother's heart to yours: I know you did all you could, I know you did. And those of us who are suicide survivors … we understand what you're going through through we really do.

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Difference Between Inferiority and Superiority Complex

Inferiority and superiority complexes are both psychological phenomenon with long-lasting feelings of unworthiness and nototworthiness which is reflected from early lack of social adaptation and emotional adjustment. These feelings can not be detected during the early stage but are usually noticeable in one's character, gestures, posture and thinking.

In fact, superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism of a person who desires to be exceptional just to counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority.

It is one of the ways in which a person with an inferiority complex may use as an escape from a dilemma by considering himself or herself as superior even if he or she is not.

Superiority complex is visible in the attitude, character and the opinion of a person about himself / herself. It is misled by haughtiness, arrogance, pride, zest, arrogance, bragging, overbearing behavior, a proneness for hunting mistakes and faults in others and many more.

On the contrary, inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth and a feeling of uncertainty, for not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious but is developed through a combination of genetic personality characteristics and personal experiences. It occurs when the feelings of inferiority are accentuated in the individual through discouragement or failure. Those who are at risk for developing a complex include people who show signs of low self-esteem or self-worth, have low socioeconomic status, or have a history of depression symptoms.

When an inferiority complex is in full effect, it affects the performance of the individual as well as impact to the individual's self-esteem. Unconscious psychological and emotional processes can disturb the child's cognitive learning, and negatively charged feeling-toned associations can can thwart the learning process.

It dominates the psychological life and is characterized by the feeling of imperfection and lack of achievement in reaching personal goals. The inferiority feeling is only normal when people face extreme life situations. This behavior is caused by the lack of self-esteem and belief in his / her own forces. The inferiority complex causes shyness, pessimism, anxiety or lack of communication.

Emotional manifestations like rage, revenge drive, sorrow, enthusiasm, manifested inadequate situations, the incapacity of listening or looking into the eyes of someone else, changing the topic of conversation towards his / her own person, are all signs of an inferiority complex evolving towards a superior complex.

These sentiments are triggered by a lack of social communication or mistakes that the parents made out of love for their kids. Strange as it may sound, the inferiority tension can be used in a positive way. It can motivate us to solve problems and issues. The superior bias does not affect those around us; just maintains our high self-esteem.

If our kids are suffering this type of complicated behavior, it is our responsibility as parents, to help them. We are their only hope to understand them. We can not rely on other people. We can not even trust the teachers of our kids because they often misjudge this behavior as offensive.

But if we constantly criticize our kids for not living our standards, it will not help them. Even if we do everything for them; it will not resolve the problem; rather we let them develop the inability to overcome the problems of life without our assistance.

So, if we want our kids to get rid of inferiority complex, we need to address the real problem and we will be on the right track in building their own-confidence.

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4 Useful Ways to Benefit From Therapy

Many people can benefit from talking and getting things out in the open. If life experiences are starting to have a negative impact, a therapy session can make it easier to look at life and your problems in a different way. Let's take a look of four reasons why therapy can improve your life:

Handle your emotions

Therapy can be very effective at helping you handle your emotions. This helps to resolve issues related to over addiction, depression or anxiety. The problem does not need to the traumatic or dramatic life-altering. The aim of therapy is to encourage you to see things with a different perspective to better manage and control your emotions. Speaking to an expert makes it easier to see how a certain event is affecting your life and how to cancel out any negative feelings.

Control your goals

Therapy can be very useful in the process of achieving your personal or professional goals. Whether this may refer to a change in career path or trying to lose weight, the ability to discuss a situation and get it out in the open can help to overcome mental blocks. With the ability to create accountability, you are more likely to take the necessary action to achieve the desired result. Also, those with more social support in their life are more effective at building up resilience against stress. By relying on this support, it will be easier to make the desired changes in your life.

Help find a purpose

Talking to a professional can be very useful when dealing with issues that you are struggling with. With the pressures out in the open, it will be easier to learn to find a goal to help bring more meaning to your day-to-day life, as well as to bring peace of mind and confidence. This type of help is certain to benefit those that feel completely depleted with life and look for greater meaning in all aspects of life.

Solve a problem

A professional can be very effective in dissecting a specific problem and giving guidance on the best course of action to solve it. They can be very effective at encouraging you to look at a problem from a different angle. This makes it easier to view the problem with less sadness or anxiety. By looking at the problem in a different way, you may find it easier to find a solution to move forward without feeling so overwhelmed.

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Men, Speak Up and Feel Better

I was at a family get together of a close friend some time ago that featured a conversation that left several of us uncomfortable for what was said by one of their number. There was nothing aggressive said, nobody was attacked, other than one family member in question. Their attitude to their own life left us with nothing to say. They were vocal, and it was clear we were all stumped.

They simply said it was none of anyone else's business how long they lived and how they died.

Their immediate family was present. They heard it said. In their demeanor, they accepted that they could not change the attitude presented. I'm not sure what each individual thought, but I was thinking, 'Do not these people mean enough to you for you not harm yourself?' Even if I was vocalized it I doubted it would have made any impact. And how can you say something like that without saying, 'You're self!' So desperately sad!

We've all faced such moments, lost for any hope within us to share, and certainly as a counselor I've had more than my share. But I left that occasion feeling sure there was something more I could have said or done.

Many men seem to be resistant to talking through their problems. Perhaps most. And certainly, those who might venture into self-harm, and euthanasia – if it is legalized – are disproportionately featured.

In some men there is an impenetrable veneer where a fraction of an inch below their exterior lurks dangerous thoughts that coalesce with a stubborn and perhaps fearful heart. No matter how much we say, 'Are you okay?' there is an iron curtain raised – 'Yep, I'm fine … I'll let you know if I'm not …'

It's particularly disturbing when we know there are issues but the man there before us fears feeling weak. All men can relate.

Many men fear feeling weak.

Ironically, it's when we're honest about feeling weak that we begin to feel stronger.

He or she is probably patently aware that he's hardly ever (if ever) had the kind of conversation that involves vulnerability. He's probably had more conversations of the nature of, 'harden up' or 'Here, have a cup of concrete with your whining.' None of that is ever helpful, even if it does pretend to be funny (which it is not!). Sometimes he's thinking it's not bad enough yet. The problem with that is how bad does it need to get? When it's too late? Maybe he fees he has to be the strength of the family.

But … we are all frailer than any of us realize.

Anyone who has fallen into serious depression knows this. Many people who have never had mental health issues simply have no idea, even if they have witnessed a family member inconsolably lost in fragmented identity. It is incredibly stark, the difference between the mentally ill person and the family member trying to help. One is frustrated by an incapacity to help themselves or receive help, the other is frustrated by an incapacity to help their loved one when they would give anything if they just knew what.

What can we do? Well, we can raise awareness and be part of 'being the change' we seek to see in our world. We can be social media warriors and share posts like this one, and anything that connotes men not talking with trusted others when they could and should. We can begin praying for the men we know, especially brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, cousins ​​and friends. You know, the funny thing about prayer is the more we pray the more God works in our subconscious mind to generate creative ideas for action. Pray and we became activated advocates.

For those who are tempted into self-harm, the lives of all they love depends on them. Act on the temptation and soon multiple lives plummet into an abyss of grief that has no return to what was.

Yet there are many who can not and will not help themselves.

It does not mean we bought to accept defeat. Care comes in many forms.

But we also have to accept we're doing and have done our best.

We need to start the process of education earlier in boy's and girl's lives. Young lives need to be exposed to vagaries of the mind and be taught that these whims of self-destruction can germinate in any of us anytime, but also be taught the essentials beyond such wisdom, like mental self-awareness and the power of safety identity .

If men, or women for that matter, will only speak up, they will feel better. Even if mental health does not marked improve, there is a companionship on offer to those who will open up and remain open.

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New Hope: Treating Bipolar Disorder With Gut Bacteria

Diane Ellis has been on medication for bipolar disorder for nearly 19 years now. Distressed most of the time because of the crippling nature of the disease, which engulfs one in a cycle of depression and mania / hyper mania, there is now hope for Ellis. She is all set to become one of the first recipients of poop therapy, a unique treatment for bipolar disorder, launched by a Canadian doctor, Dr. Valerie Taylor.

There were days when depression made it difficult for Ellis to get out of bed, and on other days, the blackouts (associated with the mania phase) tormented her. Now hope that the treatment involves good bacteria of the gut will be effective, Ellis looks forward to that day when she would not require medicines for coping with the defect when her body would develop the capacity to look after itself.

Another woman from Australia, who experienced with the same treatment under the expert guidance of her therapist, said it worked wonders. In her blog, Jane Sullivan, who underwent FMT (faecal microbiota transplantation) from her husband in 2016, said that she felt better within three months of treatment and that she no longer requires medication, the standard being antidepressants, for the disorder which is considered as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Medical advice however cautions against self-medication through FMT, as one can not be aware of the kind of infection he / she may have without expert help.

FMT therapy

For many patients who live with bipolar and go through excruciatingly painful cycles of mania and depression, FMT may prove to be a boon. The promise of the therapy is pretty simple. First, the existing gut bacteria is flushed out in a procedure similar to colonoscopy. Thereafter, fecal transplants from healthy samples, ie, patients who have not been diagnosed with bipolar, are implanted in the colon of the people who require the intervention. The treatment has also been used for treating gut infection, bowel disorders, obesity, diabetes, and even autism.

For Dr. Taylor, the realization that gut microbiomes could be helpful came about when two of her bipolar patients showed a positive response to antibiotics. However, once treatment with antibiotics was stopped, the symptoms of bipolar returned with a bang. Although Dr. Taylor considers the new treatment out-of-the-box, there are many who are interested. A two-year study involving 60-odd patients from across the world with FMT is also in the pipeline.

Gut bacteria and mental health

The human gut contains a large number of bacteria, fungi and yeast – collectively called microbiome – which play an important role in gastrointestinal tract functioning. Of these, bacteria have a critical role to play. Labeled good bacteria, these not only facilitate the digestion of food, but they also play an important role in checking inflammation and keeping the immune system vesselshape. The gut bacteria are also believed to play a cruel role in anxiety, autism, depression and other disorders of the brain.

However, bacteria's role in triggering the condition or suppressing it is still clouded in mystery. So, though much is made of the FMT treatment modality and a healthy gut is a precursor to a healthy brain, complex medical disorders like bipolar are best treated with means that are backed with solid scientific evidence, such as psychotherapy, support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy and the like. In certain instances, when medications like anticonvulsants, antipsychotics and SSRIs are not enough to cure the depression or the mania, and the individual is increasingly delusional or hyperactive, hospitalization may be required before the person comes to harm.

Finding help for bipolar

Recently, many celebrities, including Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato and Catherine Zeta Jones, opened up about their struggles with bipolar, thus helping deal with the stigma associated with the condition. There is nothing to be accused of if one is bipolar. Bipolar disorder is certainly not the end of the journey called life. It could have the beginning of another, more beautiful and significant journey, provided someone seeks treatment at the right time and at an appropriate center, perhaps one of the best bipolar disorder treatment centers in California .

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Start Recovering Now From Past Trauma or PTSD With Reiki

Everyone in their lives at one point or another has encountered a scary situation that we call trauma. Fear is created in the mind from any type of trauma or deeply emotional event, such as an abusive childhood home, being physically or mentally abused, or even the loss of a loved one. Or in the case of PTSD, a fear could develop days, months, or even years after experiencing a dangerous or potentially life threatening situation. Some recover naturally from feelings of trauma by working through them, while others struggle and fight to simply continue to live a normal daily life. While one fear may seem to be minuscule to some, it could have been detrimental to the emotional well-being of another. One can never really understand the repercussions of trauma unless they've experienced their own or are standing by someone close to them having gone through it. Reiki can be used to find calm and inner peace on a soul level to assist with healing them energetically turmoil.

Trauma affects all of us. You could be dealing with the pain of being the victim of a trauma or you could be the family temporarily trying to assist your loved one through the horrific events of that trauma. The end result is the same. We are all affected and these things can make you feel washed, lost, irritable, depressed, anxious or even very responsive to a very normal daily situation. Trauma does not have to define you though. You can choose to change the course of your life by focusing on healing yourself or those pained loved ones around you. Reiki is a healing tool that can be used to calm and nurture the energetic soul.

I found an informative article that I'd like to share about Reiki and Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder by Kathie Lapinski, RN, MSN, CH.
This article explains PTSD, symptoms, causes, fight-or-flight response, war, the energetic dynamics of trauma and so much more. Please share this article with anyone you know that could benefit from it, is dealing with PTSD or trauma in their life or the life of a loved one. The more we know about trauma and PTSD, the more we can help. We all could stand to help those in need and be a larger part of a solution to a life altering situation in our loved ones lives.

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